What do you believe?

Our worries never seem to end.
The government and the news are giving us daily worries about the aftershocks, the radiation, the radiation-polluted vegetables and the electricity outage.
We are becoming confused by the various information.
We can’t know the most dangerous issue.
Some people who live far from the devasted area became sleepless or felt quaking despite of no earthquake is occuring.

Yesterday there was the news as below.
“Tokyo metropolitan government officials advised residents in most part of the capital to refrain from using tap water to feed infants.”

However hard the government explained the safety of water for adult, most people rushed the shop and bought up lots of mineral water soon after the announcement.

One reason behind this is that most people don’t really believe the government.
Under this circumstance, people tend to take a negative attitude about even good news.

So what the government should do first is to rebuild trust between the government and citizens.

For now I cannot help believing the public announcement while comparing it to other source.
I think it is useless to be excessively worried, moreover we should not believe a rumor or a biased opinion.

What will be, will be.Life is limited.

By the way I always use water cleaner “BRITA” made in Germany although it is useless for eradicating the radiation.
It reduces the smell and the impure substance from the water.
Everyone wants to drink good quality water wherever they live.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing. http://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/index.html

15 thoughts on “What do you believe?”

  1. According to reliable “source”, boiling the contaminated tap water cannot get rid off the radiation. Have you heard about this news too?

    Water in London is extremely hard.
    Therefore, our kettles, washing machines, etc have lots of limescale problems.
    Despite this, I still drink the tap water straight from the tap.
    Added calcium to my body – good for my bones! Ha ha…

    1. Yes, I have heard this news.

      Water in London seems tough. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      We used to take for granted we would always get clear tap water.
      So we are surprised at this news..

  2. We are all contaminated in one thing or the other these days.

    Sometimes, it may be hard to trust especially if the government has tried to cover up in the past. I myself, at times do not believe my own government. 😦

    But excessive worrying isn’t helping much especially when it causes panic and discord.

    For me, I die when its time for me to die. Oh well…

  3. Situation with natural resources will get worser and worser. “These things are the beginnings of sorrows. “(Matthew 24:8)

    In my city water comes from the Volga river. It has rusty sediment because it flows by iron tubing.

  4. Why only infants? Everyone should be given clean water. Adults are also important to the society Adults could be pregnant….and the baby eats what the mother eats.

  5. I hope the water cleaner from my country will help you; Brita, by the way, is the name of one of our daughters too! but don’t forget: that cannot reduce radioactivity. take care of you and your family. is there bottled water to buy in your town? too expensive?

    1. Thank you for your hope..
      How nice your daughters name!
      I know the Brita cannot reduce radioactivity.

      I can buy a cartridge of brita in my city. For example at shopping center or home improvement center.
      The three cartridge set of brita costs about 2,700 Japanese yen.
      (about 23.6 EUR)

  6. I’ve tried to be positive, but at the same time, I’ve felt things are getting worse little by little regarding spread of radiation in spite of news report .

    Now in Kansai we might be safe about tap water, but when government issues warning, contamination is already spread. We shouldn’t panic but we should prepare for the worst as self-protection, though there’s limit in individual method.

    While there are many committed workers, we don’t have leaders who have clear vision. Mr. Kenichi Omae is one of those who have clear vision, I think. Many commentators talk about what is been doing, this is good or bad, but he has constructive vision. According to him, regarding nuclear issue, all seem to be incompetent at TEPCO and government.

    1. Thanks a lot. I know “Mr. Kenichi Omae”‘s you tube video and what he said although I haven’t watched this video yet.

      The character of TEPCO is similar to government.
      I doubt if they will be able to solve the difficult problem. but I only hope..

      I also think that constructive vision is needed at once.

  7. What can one do if one needs a drink of water and this is the only option? Like you said, unless they start bringing tanks of water in from another nation, one has to do the bets with what they have. What a dilemma. 😦

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