Myoga (Japanese Ginger)


My wife found this myoga growing wild in our garden. She gathered them the other day. 


These are myoga. We use them for spice  


Esepecially, Udon( cold Japanese noodle) and myoga is great combination.


We add it in the soup. The taste is little spicy. 


My Oldest Daughter’s Art

It has been summer vacation in an elementary school from last week. So my daughters carried their works home.
These are my oldest daughter’s works.


This is wood craft. They show trees, leaves, wind and river.
The title is, “The world of forest.”


This is a water painting which makes us a little cool. 😀

Cold Noodle

It becomes hot day by day here. We like to eat cold cuisine during the summer. 
One of famous food in summer is cold Chinese noodle. ( 冷やし中華 hiyashichuuka ).
I often cook it at home. 


This cold noodle set includes noodle and soup. You need to prepare only ingredient on the noodle. You boil noodle only three minute  


I cooked this noodle today. I added cucumber, sesame, ham and tomatoes. The vegetables are from my  garden  The other basic ingredient is fried thin eggs on the noodle.
The soup tastes a bit sour. When summer arrives, Japanese people want to eat this noodel.  

Cooking Vegetables

I usually cook lunch and dinner in weekend. As I wrote, there are some kinds of vegetables from our garden. So I use them for cooking. 


This is inside of the pumpkin.The color is less yellow than I expected. 


This is summer curry which includs egg plants,  pumpkins, green peppers and green bean. The taste sounds more healthy than usual. 


This is bussile tomato salada. I added olive oil, salt and vinegor. The taste is Italian.


This is cucumber pickles tasted ume (yukari) and ginger  
The taste is Japanese.

Have a wonderful weekend  

My Daughter’s Cooking

There is a cooking class in an elementary school. My oldest daughter, 10 years old, learns how to cook basic dish. 
She wants to try the skill at home.


This is her favorite recipe, thin fried eggs. It tastes sweet because of sugar. 


This is a bento for me. It’s first time that my daughter cooked my bento by herself. 
The taste of this bento is priceless.

Eel Restaurant


My family and I visited this Eel( in Japanese, Unagi ) restaurant last weekend. 


This is a menu. Recently, the price of an eel is expensive because we can’t get many eels. We import many eels from China. (I’m not sure where this eel grew.)


This is a lunch menu. The price is more reasonable.


We ate this lunch eels set. It includes pickled vegetables, Japanese soup and orange jello. 


The taste was really good. My youngest daughters also love to eat eel. 
We seldom eat eels but it’s one of out favorite events  🙂