Favorite Italian Restaurant

These are food which we ate at our favorite restaurant today. The owner has run this restaurant for 13 years. The taste is always good.


This pizza has bassile, potato and cheese.


This pizza has zukkini, green been and tomato sauce.


This pasta has a shrimp, mash room with tomato sauce.


This pasta has garlic and anchovy with salt taste. The ingredient is simple but the taste is really nice.


This dessert is a pudding made of pumpkin. The taste is rich
Fortunately, my family also enjoyed the lunch.

Upadate the Vegetables in My Garden

This is today’s photo of the vegetables in my garden.
Most of them have small vegetables. It’ll be soon to gather them.
Looking forward to eating them.


These are mini tomatoes.


These are tomatos.


This ia a pumpkin.


This is a cucumber.


This is a green peppers.


This is an egg plant.

My Garden

It’s one of best season to see green and flower in my garden because it’s not too hot yet.
It’s warm and most days are sunny  


This is a cat mint which cats like  Sometimes, I find a cat gets close to this flower 


This is a flower of kousa dogwood. It blooms upward  


This is a plumed cockscomb.  


This ia a cherry sage which bees love.

Do you have some of them in your country ?

Roller Skate


My family and I went to a roller skate rink in “Korakuen”, Tokyo.
“Korakuen” has amusument park and Tokyo Baseball Stadium. (Tokyo Dome.)


It’s not easy to find a roller skate rink in Japan because there are few rinks.
I guess that a roller skate was hot more than 30 years ago.


Of course, it was first for us to try it. ( Neither my daughters have tried to ice skating. )
Firstly, it was hard just to walk slowly with roller skate shows.
I felt like ice skating. Most of the time, I hold the hands of my youngest daughter in the rink.

Next time, I’ll try to ice skating with my children. 😀

Orienteering for Beginners


My family and I tried an orienteering in Shinrin Park in Saitama prefecture. It was first time for us.


This is a place to entry this event. Everyone can entry it for free.The course is for beginners and children.


There are 20 check points in this area and you can walk as you like.


The course has a beautiful nature and makes us relax.



This is a check point which you mark the paper with own punch.
We parents let my daughters go to where they want as much as possible.
Finaly, we were able to finish to get to 20 points for two hour.
We got a set of bubbles from staff as a present. We, parents, got tired than my children. My oldest daughter said, “I want to try more difficult course next time because it’s for kids. ” We may have to come this park again and try another course.