Seibuen Amusement Park


My family and I went to Seibu amusement park yesterday.
Since this park opened over 60 years ago, most equipment are very old but it’s fun enough for my daughters. My daughters (especially for youngest one) really enjoyed the equipment in this park since we seldom visit an amusement park. 


This is a merry-go-round, you know.


You may feel to ride on real balloon.


I’m not good at Cofee Cup because I feel giddy. However, my daughters love this.


This swing looks very scary, doesn’t it? We didn’t have any courage to ride on it    .

Entrance Ceremony


Entrance ceremony in an elementary school was held yesterday. It was first time for my youngest daughter to enter the school. Since 114 new students are shiny first grader, there are four classes of first grader. Most students including my youngest daughter looked a little nervous about new circumstance. Fortunately, she has already some friends who attended same day care.


In the ceremony sixth grade students performed a dance of AKB48 who are Japanese famous femal group. When I was a child, I have never heard of such pop songs in school. 

A principal said new students, ” Please hear carefully what teachers say since most of them are important. Please don’t give up study and get exercise. If you don’t give up, you will be able to do them well.”


All parents hope that their children will study and play well.

Cherry blossoms Festival


Cherry blossoms fetival in the park was held in neighborhood today.


My family and I come to this park every year.


Many people enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms while they eat food and drink something such as beer.
We call it, “Hanami” ( seeing blossoms. )


This is a taiko perfomance in the park which is one of perfomances during the festival. Of course, there are shops where you can buy some foods such as fried noodles, fried chicken and curry.

Making Something

Although it gets warm day by day, many pollen spread this season. I stay with my family and play with my daughters at home on weekends.


This is Maryland made of Lego.

It turns very fast like a real one.


These are art made of bead. The cherry blossom will bloom soon. :D

Strawberry Picking


My family and I went to strawberry picking in Yoshimk town, Saitama last holiday.


It’s season to gather strawberries in Japan. It costed 1,400 Japanese yen per adult and 700 Japanese yen per under 6 years old kids for 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes, you can eat sweet strawberries as much as you want to eat.


If strawberries are very red, the taste is really sweet.The kind of strawberry called “Tochiotome” was made in Tochigi prefercture in 1996. It’s one of the most popular strawberry.

Since the plant is set at high, you don’t need to bend down to pick strawberries. Inside the plastic greenhouse is very clean. This greenhouse looks a factory, doesn’t it?


My two daughters also love eating them. They ate over 30 strawberries.


There is a shop near to the firm where you can buy souvenir made from the strawberries. This is strawberries chocolate.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Works from Day Care

Before my youngest daughter graduate a day care, she brought her works from a day care.


She drawe this drawing when my youngest daugher went to strawberry picking.


She made this devil mask before “Setsubun.” The mask is very scary, isn’t it?


She made these Hina Dolls on Girl’s Day.
All works include her memory for five year.

Graduation Ceremony at Day Care


Yesterday was a graduation ceremony at day care of my youngest daughter.
She has attended the day care for 5 years. So it is also a day which she shows her growth to everyone.
The ceremony has three parts.The first part is that the principal of the day care gives each children graduation certificate.Then children change into T-shirt and show their talent such as cartwheel, spinning-top, singing songs and vaulting box during the second part.At the third part they play Japanese drums. My daughter performed well thanks to her effort at home and day care.

Their perfomance brought tears to parents’ eye.
That’s why they remind what they happend for five years.
The memory includs both happiness and difficulty of childcare.


This is a graduation certificate including a group photo.


These are flowers received a teacher at day care and lower children.
Lower children also attended the ceremony. They learned from upper children a lot.

It was a special and touching day for my family.

This is one of a song “Precious Friends” which they sang. (This place isn’t my daughter’s day care.)

Girls’ Day


March 3 is Girls’ Day. We set up dolls before the day. This is for my oldest daughter’s one. There is another one for my youngest daughter.


We also buy snacks and food which are related to the day.
The small food is fish minced and steamed. You can see small cute dolls in it.This is a post which I wrote two year ago.

This is a song for Girls’ Day.

Happy Girls’ Day.

Snowdrop and Flu


A lot of snow still remain on the ground but the snow is melting day by day. This snowdrop in our garden suddenly appeared under the snow. The nature thing is very strong.

On the other hand, my oldest daughter got flu yesterday. Her temperature was 39 degree. She took relenza of medicine.Doctor said, “You should not take your eyes off your daughter because some patient of flu may do unusual behavior.Your daughter needs to take five days off.”
Today, her favor had gone and ate many rice balls. She is saying , “I’m worried that I may not catch up my class and can’t study homework of Kanji.” The problem sounds big for her but we parents aren’t worried about it.

Staying At Home

Last Friday, it snowed a lot again. My family and neighborhood were busy for shoveling snow.Snow shovels are sold out at most stores, because we didn’t prepare for snow well.Since most buses and trains were delayed, I think that many people stayed at home on last weekends.

As for me, I was studying English and I started to study Chimese because I’m interested in Taiwan and so on. Chinese pronounce is difficult but most Kanji is similar to ours. Additionally. I was watching “24″ on Hulu. (24 is a TV drama in the US. Hulu is a internet service to watch many kinds of movies and dramas. )

As for my daughters, they made the other snow men and snow houses.They sometimes played a game of iPad.The game is “angry bird Go” made in Finland. I was worried that they played the games a lot . However, they also like drawing pictures and reading books. 


This is a picture which my youngest daughter drew in watercolors.The Spring will arrive soon.
Anyhow, that’s a good holiday for each of us.


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