Overtime Work

The other day I wrote that the summer holidays are short in Japan .
Besides the Japanese also work many hours of overtime..
I can’t show the average amount of time spent working because the research doesn’t contain unpaid work.
The amount of time spent working overtime work is decreasing but it is still too long.

I have thought about the reasons why Japanese work for so many long hours.

・If your boss stays at the office, you can’t go home even if you don’t have any work to do.
・If you do not work a lot of overtime, you may not be respected as a resourceful staff member.
・Many people including me have to obey their company because they can’t change their job easily.
・The customers ask their contractor for excessive of conclusion.So workers need to work harder.
・There are many unfruitful jobs because of a totally inefficient method.

Most of these things seem like a tiny things.

On the other hand, there are many unemployed people.
I wish the workers would give their jobs to other people.

Working Healthy Or Old Business Customs

This year some companies will start “cool biz season” earlier than usual.
“Cool biz season” means that salarymen don’t wear a tie and can wear more casual during the summer season.
This is because it is estimated that there will be a large energy shortage this summer in Japan.
If you will not be able to use AC, you can’t bear a hot meeting room without a window or being in a tall building in which you can’t open any windows.

I always think that we don’t need a tie and suit in every season.
Those clothes are just for old Japanese business customs which include many ceremonious meetings, needless greetings and agreements, etc.

We should rethink and omit the old business customs.
Eventually we will not need any our ties and suits at all.
Moreover “cool biz season” isn’t enough to work healthy.

Which do you choose, working healthy or traditional business customs?