Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

If you build a building or tear down an old building, you need to be concerned about the neighborhood more than you think.

If people who live near the construction site are angry with the contractor for some reason,
you might not be able to continue to build or the working time might be restricted.

Contractors always make an effort to meet the nearby residents before they being to build..

The numbers in the photo shows the noise level and vibration level in the construction site.
People walking around the place can confirm the noise level and feel that the contractor seems to do well.
When the number is less than the legal limit, the contractor can say that they are respecting the neighborhood.
However, some people might think the sound is too loud even if the number is low.

Anyway the field superintendent needs to be wary of the noize level and complaints in the neighborhood.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

There are some tiny things in my garden.

This is a potato plant flower.
I seldom see the fruit of potato like a tomato.
How tiny and cute.If I can see this fruit , I thank my lucky stars.
This is the sign that we will get potatoes soon.

This is of a juneberry.
If the color changes red, my elder daughter and younger daughter will compete to get them.

This is of a blueberry.
There is a farm in my neighborhood where you can eat blueberries as much as you like for thirty minutes.
However, we can get and eat them in our garden although we sometimes find small birds eating them.
When we get them, we eat them directly or mixed with yogurt.

If we can get a lot of them, I make jam by boiling them down.

This is of a rowanberry.I can’t eat this but this fruit becomes beautiful red.
Last year I was surprised at a lot of cabbageworms with this tree.

Tiny things arouse our curiosity.

Letter For My Wife’s Birthday From Elder Daughter.

Today’s author is my elder daughter.
This is the letter my daughter wrote to her mother on her birthday yesterday.

“Mom, Happy Birthday.You have turned ●● years old.
Let’s go to Disneyland, if possible.I’ll tell you the way to String Figure next time.
Thank you for taking care me in this year.
This year I was happy to become one year older girl, because coming with my age I was able to progress to the next grade.
Sincerely yours. I am now in second grade of elementary school.”

She wrote about herself a lot more than her mother.
Every day she seems to write about her daily affairs on paper such as playing with her friends and places she wants to go.
I guess that she will write her blogs in the future.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red..Kawagoe Festival

These festival red floats appear on October once a year during the Kawagoe festival.

There are twenty nine festival floats, each of which have own sahpe.

During this festival children beat a drum loudly and girls and adults dance wearing masks of things such as raccoon dog, fox and clown.
Head fireman leads a march and adults pull the floats.
More than million people go to see this festival.
It is a day when people living in the center of Kawagoe and many tourists get together.

Tracing it back through history, the Kawagoe city suffered from a conflagration in 1638 and the most of the town was burnt down.
During the reconstruction, the lord of the castle began to this festival in 1648.
I think this lord of the castle would encourage people who had become depressed.

Since that year this festival has continued for more than three hundred years.

Fortunately this year the festival will be held as usual.
People living in Kawagoe city will be able to pass this festival to next generation and they will be encouraged by this festival.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Only One

My elder daughter drew herself and the ipomoea nil she grew.
Fortunately this picture was selected among her classmaetes’ and went on display in her school entrance.

This picture is unique regardless of whether it was selected or not.

We parents always don’t have good ideas on how to store these precious works.
This paper will be depleted in a couple of years.
There isn’t enough space to store them.

Or I can scan them as electronic data but this takes much time.
So I have to select them carefully .
Electronic data sometimes gives us a cold impression.

When I think about it carefully, the works that I made in my childhood have nothing left but I don’t miss them much.

In fact keeping children’s works may be more for the parents rather than for the children.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

In general, you place skylight window to light up dark space such as spaces facing the north or at the center of rooms.

However, I placed it(*) at the pitched roof facing the south.
Properly speaking, we must not place it facing the south
because the sunlight is too strong during summer.
So I also install a curtain behind it to control heat and light.

There are two additional merits related to the skylight window other than natural light usage.

One merit is that I can dry our clothes under the skylight window.
This is very helpful when it is rainy or during the season of pollen allergy.

The second merit is that we can see the moon and stars through the window at night.
We can feel at ease.

I dare to say that its demerits are that heat insulation capacity decreases and we can’t clean the outside of the window.
These are not big deal.

(*)made in Danish Velux

PS ::
I will slow down my blogging pace. Because I have been busy since April 1 that I started to new job.
What a pity! I will return when I get used to my new job.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Spring ( Bicycles )

When spring arrives, everyone wants to go out.
Bicycles are the best way to be able to feel a wind of spring.
Recently bicycles are more popular than before because many people are think about their health and the environment in Japan.

After the earthquake, the boom accelerated rapidly.
I heard that many bicycles were selling well and some bicycles got stolen in my neighborhood.

I guess that the reason is a shortage of gasoline and needs for getting away if a new disaster happens.

By the way my eldest daughter has been practicing riding her bicycle without the assistance of the training wheels which I bought for her for birthday present.

Six months ago she stopped her practice before she could ride it.
So I will tell her to retry it.

When she is able to ride her bicycle, we will go to a large park and other play spaces on our bicycles instead of getting away from a disaster.