I Planted Some Vegetables

Last weekend I planted some vegetables in my garden.

It feels hot outside so the vegetables should grow quickly.


I tried to grow zucchini for the first time.
It hasn’t attracted any insects yet.I’m looking forward to eating it with tomato spaghetti.


I planted eleven stalks of corn this year.
Last year I could only get two ears of corns because antcows ate most of the corn.
So I will check them carefully and take off any insects.

sweet pepper

The other vegetables are also doing fine.
Two or three seedlings are enough for us to have summer vegetables to eat.
We will have to get them almost every day during the summer season.
The taste is very good because I grow them myself.

Spring also arrived in my vegetable garden.

The potatoes are growing slowly.
I’m going to give them poultry manure and reduce their stalks to focus fuel soon.

The garlic is doing well.
This kind of garlic comes from Okinawa.
Cows are not attracted to it.
We’ll eat them a month later.
I can’t wait to cook fritters with them.

Fortunately, I noticed that green onions and burdocks are growing even though I didn’t plant at all.
I planted the seeds last year, and more grew naturally.
That is to say “volunteers”.

The other kind of vegetable seeds are coming out.
They are waiting for the temparture to rise and they will go outside our house.
My daughters planted these seeds so they’re often watched and we water them with pleasure.
Even my daughter who is three years younger can understand how the vegetables are grown.

Thing that can’t be bought with money

The green pepper in our house

When I began to grow vegetables in my garden, I thought that the harvest would help with our family expenses a little.But things were not going well.
I failed many times because of injurious insects, cold weather and poor fertilizer.

Nevertheless I keep my home garden up for my pleasure.
When the vegetables were ready for harvest, my family and I were glad to gather them and cook various foods even though it was hard labor.
It’s the same for farmers.
In general, farmers don’t get a lot of business even though they work hard to get vegetables.
On the other hand, the number of people who want to become farmers are increasing recently.
Some organic farmers take more than for ten years to think of ways to cast their seeds and improve soils.

Farmers living near the Fukushima nuclear plant must give up their fields for at least thirty years.
TEPCO and the government will try to solve all problems with money.
They don’t have any other way.

Is there justice?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

I can see the onions hanging under the overhang of a Japanese roof for storage in rural area.
Last year I imitated the custom of the harvested of the onions.
Most color of onions are brown but these onions are purple.
I couldn’t tell the taste of purple ones from the taste of brown ones.
I cooked curry, meat and potato stew and hamburger from these onions.

Seed potatoes

Yesterday I bought seed potatoes at a home improvement store and planted them in my garden.
There were various kinds of potatoes at the center because now is the first planting period of this year.
I chose the “kitaakari” potatoes because they were early season cultivar and I would be able to plant the other vegetables in a harvested field.It took 270 Japanese yen per 1 kg.

When I came home, I sliced all of them in half except for the small ones.I fertilized calcium superphosphate and turned a high furrow.I covered the field with black mulching to warm the earth since it was a somewhat cold day.And I planted the cut end surface of seed potatoes downward.(There was the book written about planting potatoes upward. But I planted them by ordinary method.)You can see the garlic in right side of the second picture.

This is my third time taking on the challenge of growing potatoes.
The first try was a poor harvest.But last year my second try produced a good harvest
I hope that there will be a plentiful harvest this year, too.

Orginic farming

The other day I received some kind of vegetable seeds from the International Nature
Farming Research Center.

This center is researching and promoting organic farming.
Orginic farming only utilises nature elements that are the soil and the sun.
The center takes care of local seeds. And they don’t use agrochemical and
chemical fertilizers.
Everyone can buy vegetable seeds from this center for a cheap price.

Two years ago when I started a small garden, I wanted to grow unusual vegetables which you can’t buy in ordinary supermarkets.
Then I researched various sites and found this center.

Last year I tried to grow vegetables from seeds.
But I failed to control the temperature and most of the seeds didn’t sprout.
I was forced to buy a diffrent seeding.

This year I will try to grow vegetables again. I will make a vinyl sheet to control the temperature.

These seeds in the photo are cucumber, solanum and green peppers.
The characteristics of these vegetables are given below.

Cucumber:black wart, thick and short “阿蘇地きゅうり”

Solanum;green fruit skin “在来青ナス”

Green peppers:obdurability,fertility ”自生ピーマン”

A carrot

I have been growing vegetables in my garden since I moved to this house two years ago.On weekends I always looked forward to growing many kinds of vegetables,though I have never done any gardening.Today I harvested carrots,Japanese radishs and turnips with my daughters.My daughters are also pleased to grow vegetables and eat them.So they like most of the vegetables.A variety of carrot that I grew was German Rodelika that is a native carrot.I want to use local seeds as much as possible.