If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Yesterday I read “The Daily Post at WordPress.com”

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

If I could have any job, I would became a writer, photographer, tour guide, teacher,
cook, pianist or social entrepreneur.

There are too many kinds of jobs to choose just one.
I would rather have many different jobs than have only one.

I know that my answer is equivocal.
But the common thing when I chose a job is to tell and share my impressions with others.

It is often said that you should have a job that you really like.
But no matter how much you like the job, you may become bored with your job someday because of various reasons
Sure I may be not able to have the same job every year since I am selfish.

By the way, I found a company which was established by British young entrepreneurs.
“Escape The City “

This firm makes a community between companies and job applicants.
The practice of this company is for many successful persons to say their stories.
They seem happy to be able to have a job.

In Japan, the government announced an unprecedented low employment rate this year.
And there is no such a service like the company I mentioned.
I am also interested in making a similar kind of service that makes many people happy.

I could write for a month thanks to everyone.

I could write for a month!
I was surprised to write every day although I was bored easily.

Thanks to everyone I could continue to write. I can’t say anything except thank you.

Recently there is more than 50 views per day.
(But more than one thrid may be spam.)
What a wonderful things !
But I don’t mind the number of readers.
I continue to write even if one person will read.

When I looked back my posts, gradually I found that I want to write about the nature, nostalgic, a bond of human things in my daily life.
So I added my about page.
Next step, I hope to write about not only the knowledge but also the thought of my own.
I think that it is important that a contents has universality all the world not only Japan.
At present I have some subject to write about and enjoy blogging.


I like Mr Children, a Japanese band. They create such impressive
melodies and song lyrics.

You can feel the passion of the audience in the video.
The audience sings most of the song instead of the vocalist.
The happiest people cry, laugh, and close their eyes.
Whenever I watch this video, I can also feel the passion and power of the song.

I wonder why so many people can feel happy together.
I’m also afraid that excessive passion is a little dangerous.
Why do people pursue passion?

Some of the song lyrics are below.

ああ 雨上がりの遠くの空に虹が架かったなら
戸惑いや 不安など 簡単に吹き飛ばせそうなのに
乾いた風に口笛は 澄み渡ってゆく

Ah. If a rainbow was to form in the distant sky after it rains
I think I’d be able to blow off my confusion and anxiety easily.
The whistle in the dry wind remains around
as if it were engulfing whistle the whole world.