Partings and meetings

April 1 is the beginning of a new season for everyone.
Workers are transfered the other departments.
New recruits join their company.
Students go to the next grades.

There are always many partings and meetings in this season.
Every year during this time, people usually hold a lot of farewell parties and receptions.
They show their appreciation and deliver speeches at farewell parties.
On the other hand people express their hopes and expectations at receptions.

This year it is not likely that big parties will be held everywhere because of the earthquake, but modest parties will still be held as usual.

As for my family and I, we will try to familiarized ourselves to the changed circumstance which means meeting with new friends, teachers and colleagues.
We feel a little stress in adapting to a environment.

This custom has some problems such as the impediment on the mobility of human resources, but most Japanese feel oblige to follow the tradition.

Japanese love the cherry blossoms which take place suddenly and finish fleetingly.
They like to project their “only once in the life (like Forest Gump)” desire onto the cherry blossom.

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken

Today’s post is “The Daily Post at”

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken.

My answer is not to challenge something new.
That is to say not to take a risk is the biggest risk.

The situation around us is rapidly changing every day.
If we follow only precedent, we will be left behind in the global trend.

I remembered what Charles Darwin  said.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Sometimes I wish I had studied harder or had chosen another job.
However, we don’t have time to regret the past.

We need to focus on the now.
Wherever you live, you might die tomorrow because of a sudden accident.
You must prefer desire to worries.

I heard the phrase from someone.
“If you want to make a dream come true before you die, start it right now. ”
I agree with this.

PS: As for me, I have kept this blog and on-line English lessons up for three months.
Besides I am always searching for ways to make my dreams come true .

Good teacher

My youngest daughter always catches up to her sister.
When her sister is reading a picture book, she reads one next to her in the exact same position.When her sister helps with cooking, she stands close to her to see what she does.
Her sister is a good teacher for her even though she doesn’t teach her anything.

Basically we only do what we want, or like,  to do. This is why, even if great teachers teach students, students don’t really learn if they don’t want to study.
The best way for a teacher is to play a role that students want to become.

I wonder if I can play a good role for my daughters.
I wish I wouldn’t say negative comments in front of my daughters.

If we adults are worried about various things, children also feel the tension.
On the other hand if we adults challenge something in a positive attitude, children will imitate their parents perfectly.

“Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.”

My good blogging buddy Elizabeth gave me a Versatile Blogger award.

Today I try to write ,”Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.”

A  “Attribute” 
People are looking at me serious and nervous a little.For that reason I like to clean on my desk but I don’t mind clutter in the drawer. I think that I have bilateral character.

B “Better than best”
I like “better” than “best” because I want to satisfy myself soon. If I do my “best”, it seems hard to complete my tasks.

C “Curiosity”
I have curiosty about various things very much but I get tired of them easily. So I can’t imagine how long I will keep this blog up.

D. “Dream”
 I have a vague dream to go around the world and solve the problem as many people did.So I want to plan this dream over the next ten years.

E “Enthusiasm”
I like photo, pictures, architecture and cityscape. The common things about them are to create something new and to be able to feel inspiration.

F “First meet”
I get tense when I meet people for the first time.However, I can keep up a caring relationship when I become friends with someone.

G “Gamman”(patience)
I can’t possibly like “gamann”. I want to enjoy my life even during the difficult time.

That’s all.

My mother’s thought

My mother's dog " Mee "

My mother lives in Tokyo where it takes two hours from my house.
She, sixty two years old, lives by herself with a dog.

When the massive earthquake occured, she went out to renew her driver license although she didn’t drive at all.
She couldn’t ride on a train. So she had to walk home for an hour.

I was worried about her as a massive earthquake might occur again.

So I called her

I ” Would you live with us for a week. ”
She ” No. I wouldn’t ”
I ” Why? ”
She ” My friends live in my neighborhood. I like my job.I don’t want to leave my good ol’ apartment.”
I “However, if the earthquake occurrs again , can you do anything by yourself ? ”
She ” What must be, must be. ”
I ” …..”

I heard that not only my mother but also the parents of others didn’t want to live with their children’s families more than before.
Many grandparents used to live with their grandchildren.

Recently, grandparents seem to value their own living the best.
Most of them are healthy and have energy.

On the other hand I heard that my mother bought many food and batteries not for herself but also for my sister, my brother and I.
She is treating us like children no matter how old we get.
We are sure that we are able to care for ourselves with a few exceptions.
For example sometimes I have to ask her to take care of our children while we feel regretful for her.
Of course we will help her as she grows older.

We have mutual dependence on each other although we live far apart.

What I found not good or good last week

1 About electric outage

Not good

・Seventy five thousand people complained about the electric outage to TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.).Some people complained about ” Why the booked electric outage didn’t happen ”
・There was some traffic accidents because of the not working traffic light.


・Night operation at convenience stores, drinking spots (izakaya) and the other shops decreased dramatically.I think that night operations aren’t need so much.
・Stopping escalators is good for everyone’s health

2 About traffic

Not good

・It has been backed up since the earthquake happened.I think that some people don’t need to drive.The government and companies should promote working at home now.


・Most people don’t complain on a crowded train.
They are very patient.My friend took four hours to get to his office by using his bicycle and alternate trains although he didn’t get important things to do.
I can’t believe it. I will give up going to work soon if I find it too difficult to go.

3. About migration of people

Not good

・Some people including executives moved to the western part of Japan because they felt fear about radioactivity excessively.


・My boss, who is sixty years old and planning for retirement in two weeks, is thinking about going to the Tohoku area to help the afflicted people.It moved me.

It’s up to you to find your way there through.

Something Strange



I think that Japanese seem a little bit strange now.

I saw people buy many rolls of toilet paper and many boxes of instant noodles.
How can a roll of toilet paper be important ?
When the power goes down they can’t eat noodles at all.

Gasoline was sold out at all the gas stations.
Where does everyone want to go?
( Of course I also bought some food and a battery but I didn’t buy more than necessary. )

I felt like looking into the heart of humans.

Everyone, stay calm and think about the situation.

Everyone is watching TV on the earthquake for too many hours.
I understand that everyone feels fear and is worried about various affairs.

However it seems to be in a better situation because the aftershocks are decreasing than before and many are supporting people working in a devasted area.
The nuclear plants are about 250 kilometers away from Tokyo.

If we don’t buy more food and gasoline than necessary, we will be able to send much more to the people in the Tohoku region.

Tulips in my garden are sprouting regardless of human nature.
I hope everyone will live a life of peace when the tulips bloom.


Eight million Gods (kami)

My wife and daughter in a shrine

Shrines and temples are like a park and a walkway respectively.
Some may say that these places are solemn places.
But most Japanese don’t think about their religion seriously.

According to a book

The number of Shinto gods was extremely large and this can be seen from
its existence in the Japanese mythology of the phrase yaoyorozu no kami, meaning “eight million Gods(kami)”.

I heard that Japanese accepted various other gods. ☆1
I realized that there were about ten shirines and temples within three kilometers from my house.
I construe them as an oxygen that is important but isn’t noticed every day.

For example I bought charms on new year’s day but I usually forgot bringing with them.
But when some bad things occur to us or we want to ask for favors, we may remember them.

My daughters often go there to gather fallen leaves, acorns and insects.
(I often notice them in laundry machine 😥 )
I think they don’t distinguish these places from parks.

In addition meeting places of neighborhood association are suited in the same area of the shrine.We get together there and talk about the latest events in town.

After all these places are completely integrated with the town naturally

( This photo is also my second weekly photo challenge. shadow 😎 )

☆1 According to research, 75 percent of Japanese said ” I have no religion.”
But I think this rate is too high.Many people visit there.

“Why don’t you work abroad?”

Yesterday a Filipino, who is my on-line English teacher said to me “Why don’t you work abroad? ” I couldn’t say anything and not because I can’t speak English.I have never talked seriously with my friends about working abroad.

I think that it is difficult for most Japanese to work abroad because of the three reasons as bellow.

First, Japanese companies are based on lifetime employment and the seniority system.
It is very difficult to change a jobs.Most companie, sexcept major companies, are located only in Japan .

Second, if you build your own house to get a mortgage, you can’t move anywhere until the mortgage is returned.
Japanese usually apply for mortgage for thirty five or thirty years.
Your house can’t sell for as much as you bought it.

Third, if you have any children, most Japanese think that caring for their children abroad is immposible for them because
of language, food, culture and other reasons.

On the other hand the Filipino said that her friends are working in US, Europe and other countries.
I wonder that if the three reasons could be solved, if more Japanese would work abroad.

Anyway it is employment ice age now.Young Japanese may have to go abroad whether they like or not.
I wish to go if I have an oppotunity to work or live abroad,

Types of intersting blogs

I usually read about one hundred blogs both in Japanese and English. (But half of them seldom update. )
Today I thought about what blogs are interesting and impressive.

1 The author can notice the various insignificant issues that I have overlooked. For example I live in Japan. So I must know most Japanese cultures and customs.But many foreign people know and study more about Japan than I do. I often learn about Japan from foreign people.

2 After reading the interesting blogs, I can imagine trips to foreign countries, reading some books, watching movies, cooking and taking photos in my house. Of course blogs that experts have written are useful. But blogs that beginners have written about how to study are also interesting. 
“Why the author had finished a job. ”
“What a hard time the author had . ”

3 The author has a very strong or unique personality. I often hear that you should focus on the category you are writing about when you write an entry on a blog.But this kind of the author can write impressive posts from his own experiences whatever the topics. And the author can express the post in various patterns. For example he analyses social problems or has a sense of humor.

By the way interesting books also have the three points in common with blogs. I am excited and feel the tension to imagine that my books are published. I am going to take it easy.