Overtime Work

The other day I wrote that the summer holidays are short in Japan .
Besides the Japanese also work many hours of overtime..
I can’t show the average amount of time spent working because the research doesn’t contain unpaid work.
The amount of time spent working overtime work is decreasing but it is still too long.

I have thought about the reasons why Japanese work for so many long hours.

・If your boss stays at the office, you can’t go home even if you don’t have any work to do.
・If you do not work a lot of overtime, you may not be respected as a resourceful staff member.
・Many people including me have to obey their company because they can’t change their job easily.
・The customers ask their contractor for excessive of conclusion.So workers need to work harder.
・There are many unfruitful jobs because of a totally inefficient method.

Most of these things seem like a tiny things.

On the other hand, there are many unemployed people.
I wish the workers would give their jobs to other people.

Shopping On A Rainy Day

Today a strong typhoon was on its way to my neighborhood and it rained heavily.
So I went to the shopping mall which has a roof and a canopy with my family.

We can walk into some clothing shops, general stores, bookshops, hundred-yen stores and restaurants without an umbrella.

This space is at the center of the mall which has a large roof.
This area is used for concerts, bazaars, exhibitions and the other events.
Today the handmade toy and general merchandise bazaar was held.
These handmade goods are made of natural things such as wood and hemp.
Some of the shops sold goods for charity that were for the affected area.

My daughters bought cute stationery item such as pencils and notebooks.
She uses a 4B pencil for school because she doesn’t have enough strength to write using other pencils.

Once the elder daughter buys something, I have to buy a similar item for my younger daughter even if she doesn’t necessarily need it.
omg. 😥

Low-malt Beer At Home

Recently as far as alcohol is concerrned, I mainly drink low-malt beer about three times per week.

I buy “low-malt beer” (not regular beer) because the price of 350-milliliter can is 100 yen which is half the price of regular beer.
The taste is the same as beer for me.
My wife also likes drinking beer.
We eat a snack at the same time such as chips, peanuts and cheese.

Each of us drink one can on weekends.
The amount of alcohol might be low, but we can get drunk.
That’s reason enough to enjoy.

The object of drinking is to reduce stress during the weekdays.
We can forget our worries at least while we get drunk.
Sometimes I open my big mouth because of an alcohol.

However, my daughters don’t like that I drink beer because I fall sleep soon after I drink it. 😳

Moderate alcohol intake makes us laugh and fall sleep fast.

Busy Gardener

As it gets warmer, I become busier with keeping my garden clean because the weeds grow quickly just a week.
I need to pull out the weeds, do the grass and tree the branches on the tree.

This is of a maple.
I was told by my gardener that I had better trim the blunches growing sideward.
This is the first time I tried to trim the blunches in two years.
I looked like a nice barber.
I’m looking forward to seeing the red leaf of maple in autumn.

This is of a lawn edger I use.
Actually, this is the third tool in two years.
First I bought a push mower and the second time I bought a lawn shears.
Both of them were very difficult to use because they need much strength to handle.
However, this electrical machine makes it easy to trim a large area of lawn quickly.
The lawn smells great after I trim it.

How nice that it is kept neatly-mowed.
I’m pleased with this job.

Besides I have to plant summer vegetables in my garden. Oh I’m such a busy farmer.

Hate Losing

My elder daughter really likes Uno, playing cards and othello.

This is a good thing for her to use her brain with but she hates losing.
She plays and practices these games a lot.
She said that she always wins at these games at school.

But there’s a problem.
If I beat her at the game, she cries loudly and places her head on the table.
I ask her ” Do you want to play it one more time?”
She says with tears. “I’ll play till I win. ”
I don’t really try to play it next time .
She smiles quickly after she wins the next game.
Is it right?

As for me, I can’t remember loosing at games to adults when I was a child.
Maybe adults just don’t really try at playing games. lol.

Where Will We Spend This Summer Vacation?

I want to plan this summer vacation within the next weeks.
This year I’ll be able to take a four or five day holiday with my family.
I heard that this amount of holidays were much less than other countries.
So I can’t go to the US or Europe because it’s very far from Japan.

Anyway I lined up a few candidates.

These places are popular tourist spots in Japan.


This place is very popular during the summer because you can enjoy many kinds of the marine activities such as scuba diving and swimming in the sea.

There are many traditional shrines and temples I like but I wonder if my children can enjoy them.

Otaru, Hokkaido

It is a cooler area even if it is the hot season in Japan.
We can eat a lot of delicious seafood and see beautiful natural scenery.


・A nearby summer resort.
I can get to a near summer resort in two hours by car.
We can stay in a cottage, pension and vacation house and we can barbecue.
It’s convenient and reasonable.


I have never been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or The Philippines.
I don’t know them well yet but these countries seem fun.
I remembered that I had not been outside of the country in eight years.
My passport will expire before our trip!


Besides there is a problem that my younger daughter, who is three years old, is allergic to egg and milk products.
It isn’t easy to decide where to go.

Do You Read the Newspaper?

I have not read a newspaper since five years ago.

In our parent’s era, if we didn’t read the newspaper, we were thought of as strange and lacking commonsense..

In the past, fathers mainly read the front page of the paper and editorial articles which they talked about at their office.
Among colleagues, the opinions aired out were more or less the same because most of the newspapers used to have similar opinions .
Mothers who seldom worked full time read the flyers and looked for stores offering discounts.
Children mainly read TV listings and sports news.

Now I read the titles of news on the internet or twitter.
Internet news articles may be written with a bias but I can compare them.
My wife buys most of the goods on the internet.
Average children play games with Wii and PSP.

So far I don’t have any difficulties without the newspaper.
A lot of papers are saved and I don’t need to read any biased opinions.
Besides I seldom watch TV.
I feel as if I have gained freedom from biased opinions.
I read only what I want to read.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

There are some tiny things in my garden.

This is a potato plant flower.
I seldom see the fruit of potato like a tomato.
How tiny and cute.If I can see this fruit , I thank my lucky stars.
This is the sign that we will get potatoes soon.

This is of a juneberry.
If the color changes red, my elder daughter and younger daughter will compete to get them.

This is of a blueberry.
There is a farm in my neighborhood where you can eat blueberries as much as you like for thirty minutes.
However, we can get and eat them in our garden although we sometimes find small birds eating them.
When we get them, we eat them directly or mixed with yogurt.

If we can get a lot of them, I make jam by boiling them down.

This is of a rowanberry.I can’t eat this but this fruit becomes beautiful red.
Last year I was surprised at a lot of cabbageworms with this tree.

Tiny things arouse our curiosity.

Letter For My Wife’s Birthday From Elder Daughter.

Today’s author is my elder daughter.
This is the letter my daughter wrote to her mother on her birthday yesterday.

“Mom, Happy Birthday.You have turned ●● years old.
Let’s go to Disneyland, if possible.I’ll tell you the way to String Figure next time.
Thank you for taking care me in this year.
This year I was happy to become one year older girl, because coming with my age I was able to progress to the next grade.
Sincerely yours. I am now in second grade of elementary school.”

She wrote about herself a lot more than her mother.
Every day she seems to write about her daily affairs on paper such as playing with her friends and places she wants to go.
I guess that she will write her blogs in the future.

Mega Mac

Mega Mac

I know that  fast-food burgers aren’t very healthy.
My family and I like vegetables but we aren’t vegetarians.
Sometimes I want to eat at burger shop such as McDonald’s, Mos Burger or First kitchen.

The price of burger at all shops is almost the same.
I think that I can buy the most delicious burger at Mos Burger which features fresh vegetables.
However, McDonald’s advertises with colorful advertisements and their shops are in a good location.
So there are tons more McDonald’s than other burger shops.
I eventually bought McDonald’s with my family.
I usually buy the Big Mac  which has two patties but I tried to buy a Mega Mac, which has four patties, the other day.
This burger is on sale for a limited time only.
New types of burgers are always limited time offers.
For example, there were Texas, New York, Hawaiian and California Burger.

Besides that, I also ate French fries and drunk coke which I seldom drink.
How unhealthy!, but I want to eat them again.
I heard that these foods have an addictive nature.

Next time I’ll eat at Mos Burger.