My house 05 natural wood

When I decided to build my house, I thought about my family’s health.
So I wanted to use natural material.
In Japan it is said that forestry declines because of cheap foreign wood and aging workers.
So it was difficult to find architect or builder who can use domestic natural wood.
The architect I requested participate in the NPO which takes 
an active part of diffusion domestic natural wood.
The NPO also holds a tour to see producing area.
Of course expansion and contraction of natural wood can be unfriendly to modern life.
But I felt some merits to use natural wood which was pine, cypress and others.

Some merits
•My house has big windows because of Japanese traditional method of construction
which mainly used beams and pillars.
•My house maintains constant humidity because of hygroscopic wood.
•I can feel warmth of wood.
•Joint of metal is much less than modern method of construction 
because craftsman can make high level joint of wood in the picture.

Stylish Restaurants

In Japan, unfortunately most of the restaurants you can see are fast-food or
chain stores.For example there are McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Denny’s.
So you can ‘t tell one cityscape from another.This restaurant which I go to once in a while in the picture is one of the few stylish restaurants.Inside the restaurant, I can feel natural atmosphere.Because there are many climbing plants. The interior design is stylish and the exterior is nicely cladded with a lot of timber wall panels and floor panels.
This restaurant serves delicious curry, sandwich and the other cuisine.
I am afraid to say that I have never eaten any dessert in this restaurant because I don’t have much time on my lunch break.