I’m Keen On Flicker

Some years ago I became a Flicker member but I didn’t understand how could put it well.
This week I began to understand the way to enjoy it a little more.
I uploaded some old photos and became a premium member.

The merit of Flicker is to store photos and videos in unlimited storage.
If my PC and an external HD(hard disk) break down accidentally, I lose all my photos.
You can sort the photos in chronological order and you can make and see your original web album everywhere.

The second merit is to share and comment on photos among the many people in Flicker which seems to have the largest number of members in the world.
If Mr.frizztext and I upload the tractor photo, we can share and compare it each other.
I’m surprised that a lot of members upload high quality photos.
In addition I am joining various groups which have similar interest as mine.
If you know a good group, I want to know the group too.

The third merit is that I can save my children’s photo and photos of their craft.
Perhaps I’ll set some of them as public.

The problem that I concerned is Flicker company will go bankrupt and I lost all of them.
So I need to save them also in external HD in the same way as previously.

My flicker site.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red..Kawagoe Festival

These festival red floats appear on October once a year during the Kawagoe festival.

There are twenty nine festival floats, each of which have own sahpe.

During this festival children beat a drum loudly and girls and adults dance wearing masks of things such as raccoon dog, fox and clown.
Head fireman leads a march and adults pull the floats.
More than million people go to see this festival.
It is a day when people living in the center of Kawagoe and many tourists get together.

Tracing it back through history, the Kawagoe city suffered from a conflagration in 1638 and the most of the town was burnt down.
During the reconstruction, the lord of the castle began to this festival in 1648.
I think this lord of the castle would encourage people who had become depressed.

Since that year this festival has continued for more than three hundred years.

Fortunately this year the festival will be held as usual.
People living in Kawagoe city will be able to pass this festival to next generation and they will be encouraged by this festival.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

I can see the onions hanging under the overhang of a Japanese roof for storage in rural area.
Last year I imitated the custom of the harvested of the onions.
Most color of onions are brown but these onions are purple.
I couldn’t tell the taste of purple ones from the taste of brown ones.
I cooked curry, meat and potato stew and hamburger from these onions.

Snow day

The other day was snow day for the second time this year. The picture I took is the vegetable field in adjoining land of my house.

My car doesn’t have snow tyres since it seldom snows in my neighborhood.
So I had to take my younger daughter to nursery school by my bicycle.

Parents sometimes worry about the safty because the roads will be slippery and trains will delay.

On the other hand children are pleased with snows because they will be able to play in the snow.For example they can build snowmans and have snowball battles.