Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

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Ogasawara islands in the Tokyo administrative area are thousand kilometers away from the main islands of Japan.
What do they living there think about the recent occurrence?

ogasawara 01
ogasawara 02

Ogasawara 02

The South island which is one of the Ogasawara desert islands is the most excellent and valuable landscape to see.
Because the island which is of the karst landform is a special nature reserve,the visitors need to conform to the rules of going along with a nature tour guide certified by the Tokyo metro government. They are also required to stay for two hours at most and use the regular footway.

There are green turtles and fossil hirobesokatamaimai seashells which have been extinct 1,000 years ago.

Besides, there is a fan-shaped pond which is said to be the place that inspired the design for Ghibli’s anime.

Ogasawara 01

I went to Ogasawara three years ago. Ogasawara islands which includes 30 islands are 1,000 kilometers away from the main islands of Japan and there isn’t an airport.
So it takese 25 hours by high-speed ship which only comes once a week!
It is warm all year round because of the
subtropical climate.
We could see the whales ,dolphins and many other precious natural

The people Ogasawara are trying to get them included in the List of world heritage sites.
One problem is that an endemic species is being attacked by an introduced species.