Do You Read the Newspaper?

I have not read a newspaper since five years ago.

In our parent’s era, if we didn’t read the newspaper, we were thought of as strange and lacking commonsense..

In the past, fathers mainly read the front page of the paper and editorial articles which they talked about at their office.
Among colleagues, the opinions aired out were more or less the same because most of the newspapers used to have similar opinions .
Mothers who seldom worked full time read the flyers and looked for stores offering discounts.
Children mainly read TV listings and sports news.

Now I read the titles of news on the internet or twitter.
Internet news articles may be written with a bias but I can compare them.
My wife buys most of the goods on the internet.
Average children play games with Wii and PSP.

So far I don’t have any difficulties without the newspaper.
A lot of papers are saved and I don’t need to read any biased opinions.
Besides I seldom watch TV.
I feel as if I have gained freedom from biased opinions.
I read only what I want to read.

Police and mass media chase 19 years old student

Police arrest 19-year-old over exam question leaks

The most interesting this week news in Japan is a cheating scam which a student did for the entrance exams at four major universities. It is said that he had used the Yahoo Chiebukuro (knowledge bag) online question and answer bulletin with his cellphone during the exams.
The Police fully investigated the evidence of the cheating scam and arrested him.
Mass media chases his parents, his grandparents, his high school and his cram school.
And they are discussing this a lot everyday. How abnormal!

I’m sad that entering major universities is still very important in Japan although studying for exams is useless and most university students including me don’t study at all.
So far major university students have been ensured to enter major companies.
But now an academic background is useless because of the employment ice age.

I’m worry about my daughters’ education. I hope that they won’t spend valuable time studying for silly exams as I did.

Are there schools which can develop children’s capacity for imagination or useful skill in the world?