Busy Gardener

As it gets warmer, I become busier with keeping my garden clean because the weeds grow quickly just a week.
I need to pull out the weeds, do the grass and tree the branches on the tree.

This is of a maple.
I was told by my gardener that I had better trim the blunches growing sideward.
This is the first time I tried to trim the blunches in two years.
I looked like a nice barber.
I’m looking forward to seeing the red leaf of maple in autumn.

This is of a lawn edger I use.
Actually, this is the third tool in two years.
First I bought a push mower and the second time I bought a lawn shears.
Both of them were very difficult to use because they need much strength to handle.
However, this electrical machine makes it easy to trim a large area of lawn quickly.
The lawn smells great after I trim it.

How nice that it is kept neatly-mowed.
I’m pleased with this job.

Besides I have to plant summer vegetables in my garden. Oh I’m such a busy farmer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

There are some tiny things in my garden.

This is a potato plant flower.
I seldom see the fruit of potato like a tomato.
How tiny and cute.If I can see this fruit , I thank my lucky stars.
This is the sign that we will get potatoes soon.

This is of a juneberry.
If the color changes red, my elder daughter and younger daughter will compete to get them.

This is of a blueberry.
There is a farm in my neighborhood where you can eat blueberries as much as you like for thirty minutes.
However, we can get and eat them in our garden although we sometimes find small birds eating them.
When we get them, we eat them directly or mixed with yogurt.

If we can get a lot of them, I make jam by boiling them down.

This is of a rowanberry.I can’t eat this but this fruit becomes beautiful red.
Last year I was surprised at a lot of cabbageworms with this tree.

Tiny things arouse our curiosity.

The Flowers In My Garden

I’m busy keeping the garden and studying flowers on weekends as the temperature rises up,

This is the kousa dogwood blossoms.
This tree is popular for Japanese home gardens.
You can eat this fluit but I feel it has an acidic taste.
We can enjoy the changing colors of its leaves in autumn

This is catmint.
This catmint has a nice smell and it attracts many bees than cats.
This is so strong that it invades other grasses and flowers.
So I often need to trim this.

This is agapanthus blossoms.
This beautiful blue flower originates from in South Africa.
I’m surprised that this lily flower lives in such a hot country.

This is lavender whose flower means “I’m waiting for you.”.

This is cherrysage (Salvia microphylla) which blooms for a long time.

This is Hellebore (Christmas rose)
Even now they bloom beautiful.

I forgot the name of this flower but found it interesting flower.

I’m busy but I can learn about the changes of the seasons through my garden.


There’re many places in my neighborhood which I haven’t explored fully yet because I work in Tokyo on weekdays.

All of these photos are the places which I can walk to in five minutes.

I feel refreshed by this natural creations because I lived in Tokyo, where I was enable to see mmny natural things, during my childhood.
I guess that people who have lived here for many years take it for granted.

This is the forest for the citizens. I feel that this place is gloomy and I can’t walk there easily.
However, if this forest could be improved a little, we could walk through the trees with a good walkway.
Even now day care children often go to this forest to play.

This is the land which the Saitama prefectural government hasn’t used yet.
I wish that they would turn this large place into a wonderful park.

This is a tea plantation.
I can find some tea plantations in my neighborhood.
These plantations grow green tea that is sold as a local green tea.
For example if the leaves of tea are from Sayama, this tea is called “Sayama tea”.
We can buy a bag of green tea from five hundred to two thousand Japanese yen per hundred gram.
In particular, during the winter season, I drink green tea almost every day.

I’d like to find other unknown things in my neighborhood by bicycle and on foot.

A walk in the park and a visit to the zoo

At last we went out for a walk after my daughters recovered from the flu
It’s been a long time since we went out the park.

This park has a large forest and a small zoo.

The cherry blossoms are going to wither soon.

Some swans, flamingos and water birds live in this pond.

My younger daughter wes looking into the pond through a fence thoughtfully.

My daughters plucked a dandelion and a ring from it with their mother’s help.

At the zoo we could pet deer, sheep, chickens and guinea pigs.
My daughters were afraid at first, but they managed to touch them softly eventually.

These monkeys were grooming each other.
They hid under the shade because it was hot.
My younger daughter said, “Those monkeys don’t move quickly.”

p.s This blog has reached 10,000 hits.Thank you very much, evryone. 🙂

Spring arrived suddenly

Last January

Since two or three days ago, the high temperature has reached 24 degrees which was ten degrees higher than last week.
I began to wear a shirt with short sleeves.

The tulips which my daughters planted in our garden in January bloomed.
The beautiful juneberry bloomed.
We will gather this fruit in about two months later from now.
My daughters will compete against small birds for them.
If my daughters can get them, they will eat them immediately or we will make jam from them.

We appreciated that spring arrived on time this year especially.

The power of nature

panoramic view

This park is about one kilometer away from my house.
I can go to this park in under ten minutes by bicycle.
During cherry blossom season, so many people drive to the park that the number of cars parked in the streets increases

Many people, regardless of age, come to this park for various reasons like fishing, soccer, baseball, picnic and running.
This park has very different meanings depending on visitors.

Anyway they want to feel nature and refresh themselves.

Because most of the houses don’t have enough area to accommodate a garden and many people are stressed on weekdays.
Recently it is said that the number of people who have heart disease is increasing regardless of the earthquake.
The causes of the stress are human relations in the company, packed commuter trains and business depression.

I heard that the treatment is living with nature and growing flowers and vegetables.
It is common all over the world that nature is respected.
Sometimes nature has a dreadful face and sometimes nature has a healing face.


playing on a lawn



My house 11 : Hellebore (Christmas rose)

There are four distinct seasons in Japan.
I can see various scenes in my garden because my gardener thought about how the trees and plants would be all year round.

In spring the kousa dogwood has green leaves.
In summer blueberry produce berries and birds come to eat some of them.
In fall the leaves of the maple turn completely red.

Now in winter there are few kinds of the plants make beautiful scene.
But the Hellebore is a precious flower blooming in winter.
The Hellebore is called the ” Christmas rose” at Japanese garden shops.
But in particular they bloom from February to March instead of Christmas.

I have never given them any water or fertilizer.
But they have beautiful flowers every year.

We went to a zoo. : Capybaras take a hot spa

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My family and I went to the Takasaka children’s nature zoo in Saitama yesterday.

We often go to various zoos because my daughters like animals.

The unique characteristics of this zoo are that there are athletic facilities, a library, a museum of Peter Rabbit and others.
I don’t know why there such places in the zoo.
But my daughters enjoyed playing everywhere and eating rice balls made by my wife.

Capybaras can take a hot spa in the zoo.How cute!