Actually, my hobby is playing the piano, though I’m not good at all.
I have practiced playing the piano since about five years ago.
Over a period of time I took a break from playing the piano, but I thought that I wanted to play the piano again.

I’m not good at learning something from a teacher and I don’t like piano textbooks.
So my piano skill is my own making.
That is why I’m not good at playing the piano.

However, playing the piano is very fun for me because my own sound eases the stress.
I play famous classical music like Chopin with the musical scores for beginners and the songs of Japanese rock bands in random order.
I emphasis healing rather than skill improving.

On the other hand my eldest daughter has been taking a piano lessons since a year ago.
She is practicing Mickey Mouse March and other popular children’s songs.
I can still play the piano better than her, but she will be much better than me soon.
Children continue improving their skill.

By the way my wife can play the piano very well because she has played the piano since her childhood.
However, she can’t teach my daughter or me in a relaxed way because of her skill.
Can you understand this situation?


I like Mr Children, a Japanese band. They create such impressive
melodies and song lyrics.

You can feel the passion of the audience in the video.
The audience sings most of the song instead of the vocalist.
The happiest people cry, laugh, and close their eyes.
Whenever I watch this video, I can also feel the passion and power of the song.

I wonder why so many people can feel happy together.
I’m also afraid that excessive passion is a little dangerous.
Why do people pursue passion?

Some of the song lyrics are below.

ああ 雨上がりの遠くの空に虹が架かったなら
戸惑いや 不安など 簡単に吹き飛ばせそうなのに
乾いた風に口笛は 澄み渡ってゆく

Ah. If a rainbow was to form in the distant sky after it rains
I think I’d be able to blow off my confusion and anxiety easily.
The whistle in the dry wind remains around
as if it were engulfing whistle the whole world.