I could come back home an hour ago.We are all OK. but….

Hon Kawagoe station this morning.It's ok.Usual day.I can't believe that a disaster occured.

I could come back home an hour ago.
My family and I are all ok. I couldn’t come home yesterday but I could stay my office.
The room was warm and I was watching a TV.

I was surprised at many comments, accese to my blog and mail
Thanks for every friends. I had never met any readers and only two months passed since I started my blog.
Every friends are very precious to me.

As you know this massive earthquake had many victims and injured.
I have never experienced such a big quake.
For three minutes I felt as though I got on a ship.
It was terible.

Kawagoe Saitama had the 5-magnitude earthquake
Our house is also ok.

Many people couldn’t go home because the earthquaqe paralyzed transportation in Tokyo.
There was horrible traffic jam.
If I had left my office, I had to walk for 40 kilometers.
We couldn’t use cellphone and phone. We seemed to be abel to call from a pay phone with a huge line.
I could access the twitter or the other news site on the internet by my iphone.
I found my family’s safe on my blog’s comment!

We were safe by good fortune.
But I’m sad to know the list of victims lengthen.
I have to think about this problem from an architecture engineer.

Anyway I really appreciate everybody and our lives for granted