How to learn doing a new job

I studied the various office workers who I have encountered so far. 
I think some of them aren’t good at learning for doing a new job.

1 They read every page of work manual for a long time. 
2 They work overtime unnecessarily and emphasize on their long working. 
3 They don’t mind the deadline until it becomes due.
4 They only consult someone when the problem really becomes serious.

As for me, I stick to the following principles or routines.

1 I only give the work manual a once-over because it isn’t useful on the job.
2 I make a list of questions which I have no ansewers yet.
3 I ask everyone what I don’t know as soon as possible. 
4 I made small mistakes sometimes, but I bore in mind not to make the same mistakes again. 
5 On and off I review my job with different angle and reconsider the entrenched attitude within me. 
6 I finish the work that I don’t want to do at the beginning.

I don’t know if this way works or not, but I have kept to this method for ten years. 
Perhaps I haven’t made a critical mistake and I got my second since this week.