Kawagoe-city 01

If I tell about Kawagoe-city in a few words, I say that this city is composite of the traditional area and the commercial area.

This city has been a typical castle town since 1457.
A castle town contains a castle, a residential area for samurai, a housing area for merchants, a temple and a highway.
Their structure is still under the influence of using lands.
・The samurai residential area is a large area which is used for the city hall, the museum, and the baseball ground.
・The merchant houses which have narrow sides are still have been used for traditional shops.(This area is a traditional area.)
・The railroad station was built outside the castle town.
・The commercial area were made between the castle and the station.

The mayor of Kawagoe said

“The history and traditions of Kawagoe are alive and to this day remain important to the residents as well as visitingtourists, and they are seen in the impressive “Kura-zukuri”★, traditional architecture, and the Kawagoe Festival. A greatnumber of tourists visit Kawagoe each year.””

★A “Kura” is a storehouses made of roof tile and clay.

But Kawagoe-city wasn’t famous thirty years ago.
Later I will write the history of the town development in the traditional area.

Kawagoe map