Busy Gardener

As it gets warmer, I become busier with keeping my garden clean because the weeds grow quickly just a week.
I need to pull out the weeds, do the grass and tree the branches on the tree.

This is of a maple.
I was told by my gardener that I had better trim the blunches growing sideward.
This is the first time I tried to trim the blunches in two years.
I looked like a nice barber.
I’m looking forward to seeing the red leaf of maple in autumn.

This is of a lawn edger I use.
Actually, this is the third tool in two years.
First I bought a push mower and the second time I bought a lawn shears.
Both of them were very difficult to use because they need much strength to handle.
However, this electrical machine makes it easy to trim a large area of lawn quickly.
The lawn smells great after I trim it.

How nice that it is kept neatly-mowed.
I’m pleased with this job.

Besides I have to plant summer vegetables in my garden. Oh I’m such a busy farmer.

My house 09 a small natural world


After our house was built, the gardener began to build our garden.

Since the builder is usually different from the gardener,
I searched for a gardener in the internet.
The reason I chose the gardener was that his works had good quality and a sense of simplicity
Since I didn’t know the kinds of trees and flowers well,I requested ” I want some trees which could bear fruits for my children.Otherwise, please make the garden which you think that trees matche our house.”

Then the gardener selected assorted trees from a manufacture.
The main tree, kousa dogwood, was planted in the center of the garden of my house.
And the gardener planted the other trees which were lavender, catmint,
maple and fraxinus griffithii around the main tree.

The concept of the garden is simple and one tree doesn’t stand out as many trees surround my house securely.

This garden though small is a natural world where birds, insects, lizard,
praying mantis and cats come.
And my children can eat some blueberrys and juneberrys during the summer.

The gardener site is called “Atrie boku アトリエ朴”
( Japanese only but there are many beautiful works)