The Flowers In My Garden

I’m busy keeping the garden and studying flowers on weekends as the temperature rises up,

This is the kousa dogwood blossoms.
This tree is popular for Japanese home gardens.
You can eat this fluit but I feel it has an acidic taste.
We can enjoy the changing colors of its leaves in autumn

This is catmint.
This catmint has a nice smell and it attracts many bees than cats.
This is so strong that it invades other grasses and flowers.
So I often need to trim this.

This is agapanthus blossoms.
This beautiful blue flower originates from in South Africa.
I’m surprised that this lily flower lives in such a hot country.

This is lavender whose flower means “I’m waiting for you.”.

This is cherrysage (Salvia microphylla) which blooms for a long time.

This is Hellebore (Christmas rose)
Even now they bloom beautiful.

I forgot the name of this flower but found it interesting flower.

I’m busy but I can learn about the changes of the seasons through my garden.