Letter For My Wife’s Birthday From Elder Daughter.

Today’s author is my elder daughter.
This is the letter my daughter wrote to her mother on her birthday yesterday.

“Mom, Happy Birthday.You have turned ●● years old.
Let’s go to Disneyland, if possible.I’ll tell you the way to String Figure next time.
Thank you for taking care me in this year.
This year I was happy to become one year older girl, because coming with my age I was able to progress to the next grade.
Sincerely yours. I am now in second grade of elementary school.”

She wrote about herself a lot more than her mother.
Every day she seems to write about her daily affairs on paper such as playing with her friends and places she wants to go.
I guess that she will write her blogs in the future.

Gratin For Mother’s Day

I can’t choose a present for my mum and wife every Mother’s Day easily
because I don’t know what both my mother and my wife want to recieve.

Basically I miss my tip about presents.
I usually find a carnation or a handkerchief at the Mother’s Day gift in some stores
but I want to choose something unique.
So I ask my wife directly
“What do you want for mother’s day?”
“I don’t want anything.Instead, I want to eat delicious gratin as dinner. ”

That was easy to understand.
I prepared the ingredients which were sweet potatos, onions, minced meat, a cheese and a soy milk.

Then I cooked a gratin by the recipe which I found on the internet.

1 Fry minced meat and onions with salt and pepper.
2 Mix them with sweet potatos, flour and soy milk
3 Fry it well, then top it with cheese and bake it in an oven.
4 After twenty minutes we can eat it while being careful of the very hot plate.

That’s it.It isn’t difficult for me.
We enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day.

By the way, my daughters gave my wife paper flowers and pictures which they drew themselves.
On the other hand, my wife and I bought my mother a scarf and shirt.

My fathers thought

The flowers in the cemetery.

My family and I visited my father’s grave last weekend because it was around the Higan and we needed to confirm whether the grave was damaged after the earthquake.

My father died eight years ago.
He always drank and smoked, even though he had asthma and diabetes.
So he didn’t have enough energy to overcome his sickness.

He was a moody person.
He often fought with other people and hit his children.
However, he was easily moved to tears and always helped other people.
I remember he wept buckets at my wedding. (Father of bride usually tears. )
He was completely clear about who his friends were and who his enemies were.
He ran a small construction related company with one other man.
However, he wasn’t a successful businessman because he was too trusting.

If he lived now, he would say
“Die young and leave a good-looking corpse. “

My mother’s thought

My mother's dog " Mee "

My mother lives in Tokyo where it takes two hours from my house.
She, sixty two years old, lives by herself with a dog.

When the massive earthquake occured, she went out to renew her driver license although she didn’t drive at all.
She couldn’t ride on a train. So she had to walk home for an hour.

I was worried about her as a massive earthquake might occur again.

So I called her

I ” Would you live with us for a week. ”
She ” No. I wouldn’t ”
I ” Why? ”
She ” My friends live in my neighborhood. I like my job.I don’t want to leave my good ol’ apartment.”
I “However, if the earthquake occurrs again , can you do anything by yourself ? ”
She ” What must be, must be. ”
I ” …..”

I heard that not only my mother but also the parents of others didn’t want to live with their children’s families more than before.
Many grandparents used to live with their grandchildren.

Recently, grandparents seem to value their own living the best.
Most of them are healthy and have energy.

On the other hand I heard that my mother bought many food and batteries not for herself but also for my sister, my brother and I.
She is treating us like children no matter how old we get.
We are sure that we are able to care for ourselves with a few exceptions.
For example sometimes I have to ask her to take care of our children while we feel regretful for her.
Of course we will help her as she grows older.

We have mutual dependence on each other although we live far apart.