Trust the workers in devastated area

The nuclear plant in devastated area increases the stakes
A japanese blogger said that

The workers in the nuclear plants impressed me.
The prime minister Naoto Kan inspected the scene from a helicopter.
But this is useless.
The workers are annoyed with the top functionaries
What we can do is to trust the workers and do our best however small these things are.

I agree with him. I can’t imagine how they can feel fear.
I was thinking about what I should do.
But I couldn’t think of any idea that could change the situation in a big way.

A psychotherapist said on twitter

When a disaster occurrs , many people think “I’m pathetic. Many people are troubled”
” I can’t do anything. ”
So they have developed PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).
It shouldn’t be. Everyone feels fear and weak.
Everyone shouldn’t punish himself and be kind to himself.

We had better act spontaneously.

The little things I can do are as below.

・I trust all the workers with people around the world.
・I save on electricity
・I donate reliable organisation without sending useles articles
・I go on with our usual lives
・I don’t forget smile.

That’s ok at the moment.

I believe that the aggregate of these little things will have a positive effect on devastated area.

Things changed and unchanged after the earthquake

I hope the number of victims won’t increase.

Actually our lives haven’t changed very much at the moment.
If I didn’t watch news related to the earthquake, I wouldn’t notice the disaster except for the aftershocks
But I can’t help but watching the TV and searching the news although I don’t really want to see the tragedy.
What happened to my family after the earthquake are as below.

A few things changed
・All TV broadcasts became news programs
・I stored a water tank in the bathroom to cope with the disrupted water supply.
・My wife checked our shelter material
・Convenience stores have shortages of supplies temporality.
・Many people bought many food more than necessary
・Many books and framed photos fell on floor.

Important things were unchanged
・Untroubled living conditions
・My daughter went to her piano lessons. (Every school, shop and hospital are ok.)
・My daughter’s smile.
・My friends and family bonding.

I have to think about what I can do for those afflected.


I could come back home an hour ago.We are all OK. but….

Hon Kawagoe station this morning.It's ok.Usual day.I can't believe that a disaster occured.

I could come back home an hour ago.
My family and I are all ok. I couldn’t come home yesterday but I could stay my office.
The room was warm and I was watching a TV.

I was surprised at many comments, accese to my blog and mail
Thanks for every friends. I had never met any readers and only two months passed since I started my blog.
Every friends are very precious to me.

As you know this massive earthquake had many victims and injured.
I have never experienced such a big quake.
For three minutes I felt as though I got on a ship.
It was terible.

Kawagoe Saitama had the 5-magnitude earthquake
Our house is also ok.

Many people couldn’t go home because the earthquaqe paralyzed transportation in Tokyo.
There was horrible traffic jam.
If I had left my office, I had to walk for 40 kilometers.
We couldn’t use cellphone and phone. We seemed to be abel to call from a pay phone with a huge line.
I could access the twitter or the other news site on the internet by my iphone.
I found my family’s safe on my blog’s comment!

We were safe by good fortune.
But I’m sad to know the list of victims lengthen.
I have to think about this problem from an architecture engineer.

Anyway I really appreciate everybody and our lives for granted