Parent’s Day : Art And Craft Class

The other day it was parent’s day at my elder daughter’s school.

I accompanied my younger daughter to her art and craft class because my wife needed to work that day.

Children made paper arts with soapy water, straws and paint.

At first children blew through a straw into the soapy water in the plastic cup.
Then they put their paper on the cup when the bubble grew to its full size.
The bubbles left an interesting pattern on the paper.
They could also mix the paint coloring on the paper.
Of courese my younger daughter and the parents was able to participate in the class and make their own works.
My younger daughter put her hands in the cup but she laughed loudly. 😦

This is of my elder daughter’s work. It is quite unique.

This day gives us a chance to know how our daughters talks to their friends and how they study in class every day.

After the class, the elementary school teachers held a disaster exercise in preparation for things like an earthquake.
We parents had to take our children home on foot while we checked for dangerous routes such as where a block wall might fall.

Shopping On A Rainy Day

Today a strong typhoon was on its way to my neighborhood and it rained heavily.
So I went to the shopping mall which has a roof and a canopy with my family.

We can walk into some clothing shops, general stores, bookshops, hundred-yen stores and restaurants without an umbrella.

This space is at the center of the mall which has a large roof.
This area is used for concerts, bazaars, exhibitions and the other events.
Today the handmade toy and general merchandise bazaar was held.
These handmade goods are made of natural things such as wood and hemp.
Some of the shops sold goods for charity that were for the affected area.

My daughters bought cute stationery item such as pencils and notebooks.
She uses a 4B pencil for school because she doesn’t have enough strength to write using other pencils.

Once the elder daughter buys something, I have to buy a similar item for my younger daughter even if she doesn’t necessarily need it.
omg. 😥

Hate Losing

My elder daughter really likes Uno, playing cards and othello.

This is a good thing for her to use her brain with but she hates losing.
She plays and practices these games a lot.
She said that she always wins at these games at school.

But there’s a problem.
If I beat her at the game, she cries loudly and places her head on the table.
I ask her ” Do you want to play it one more time?”
She says with tears. “I’ll play till I win. ”
I don’t really try to play it next time .
She smiles quickly after she wins the next game.
Is it right?

As for me, I can’t remember loosing at games to adults when I was a child.
Maybe adults just don’t really try at playing games. lol.

Letter For My Wife’s Birthday From Elder Daughter.

Today’s author is my elder daughter.
This is the letter my daughter wrote to her mother on her birthday yesterday.

“Mom, Happy Birthday.You have turned ●● years old.
Let’s go to Disneyland, if possible.I’ll tell you the way to String Figure next time.
Thank you for taking care me in this year.
This year I was happy to become one year older girl, because coming with my age I was able to progress to the next grade.
Sincerely yours. I am now in second grade of elementary school.”

She wrote about herself a lot more than her mother.
Every day she seems to write about her daily affairs on paper such as playing with her friends and places she wants to go.
I guess that she will write her blogs in the future.

If You Can Use A Magic, What Will You Do?

My elder daughter, seven years old, was writing on her self-introduction card.
The card had some questions about herself such as “What food do you like? What color do you like?”

From the questions, there was a question that is
” If you can use a magic, what will you do? ”

My elder daughter answered that she wants to help those people in the affected area by using the magic power.
I asked her “How do you help them?”
She said that ” I”ll send delicious food to Tohoku area. ”

I was surprised that she knows the word “affected area” and her kindness.
I don’t know how much she concerned about the affected area but she can understand that many people have a difficult time.
I appreciate that my elder daughter is growing up mentally sound.

I note this incident down so that she will never forget for the kindness she once conceived even when she grows up.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife Communicate With Giraffes

I was surprised at the news that people have to wait for five hours to see a panda
in Ueno zoo which is one of the most famous zoos in Tokyo.

So I went to a small zoo which we can get to in thirty minutes last week.
This zoo, which is called Hamura zoo, has small birds, small animals such as monkeys, deers, pigs and others.

The most interesting feature of this zoo is that children can feed giraffes by a long stick.
I saw the faces of giraffes’ face closely and they were eating grass.
Their faces look modest.
Children looked like they were having fun although ostriches sometimes came to eat the giraffes’ food.

Second characteristic is that there are some play equipment in addition to animals.
My daughters enjoyed riding on a SL train and Tomas train.
I was annoyed by Thomas train because we had better enjoy natural things and it costs another money.
However, my younger daughter cried and shouted, “I wanted to ride on it much more. ”

Third characteristic is that there is a large lawn area which families can eat and play freely.
We ate rice balls which my daughters cooked.
Even my three years younger daughter could make rice balls well.

Anyway that is enjoyable enough to satisfy our young children.
We could see all animals without queuing.

Gratin For Mother’s Day

I can’t choose a present for my mum and wife every Mother’s Day easily
because I don’t know what both my mother and my wife want to recieve.

Basically I miss my tip about presents.
I usually find a carnation or a handkerchief at the Mother’s Day gift in some stores
but I want to choose something unique.
So I ask my wife directly
“What do you want for mother’s day?”
“I don’t want anything.Instead, I want to eat delicious gratin as dinner. ”

That was easy to understand.
I prepared the ingredients which were sweet potatos, onions, minced meat, a cheese and a soy milk.

Then I cooked a gratin by the recipe which I found on the internet.

1 Fry minced meat and onions with salt and pepper.
2 Mix them with sweet potatos, flour and soy milk
3 Fry it well, then top it with cheese and bake it in an oven.
4 After twenty minutes we can eat it while being careful of the very hot plate.

That’s it.It isn’t difficult for me.
We enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day.

By the way, my daughters gave my wife paper flowers and pictures which they drew themselves.
On the other hand, my wife and I bought my mother a scarf and shirt.

Boxer Plans Architectures.

This photo is from Wikipedia commons

The other day I read a Voa article in my online-English lesson which was about the six most famous architects in the world .

One of them is Tadao Ando.
The character of his work is simple and striking concrete.
He controls the light and matches his architecture around nature.

He focuses on detailed drawings and thinks about the dialogue between human beings and architectures.
Examples of his work are all over the world.

However, I’m drawn to his background rather than his work.

When he was young, he was a pro boxer!
After that he studied architecture by himself without entering an architecture university.
He roamed across the world to see and study many styles of architecture.
Ironically, he has become a professor at Tokyo University which is the most prestigious academic school in Japan since ten years ago.
He is a maverick figure.

I hope my daughters will not go through a stereotypical life.
If possible, I hope they will be active on the front lines in the world no matter what they become.

School Lunch

“Some schools in Chicago now ban lunches from home for health reasons – kids either eat the school food, or nothing. “

This topic is interesting and important for us.
So I’ll write about school lunch both in elementary school and day care.

1 Elementary school

When I was a child, there were some school cooks in each school.
They were called “Mrs. School lunch.(lunch ladies)”
They used a very large pan and rice paddle and began cooking early in the morning every day.

Recently school lunches are delivered by a large school lunch center like a factory.
Perhaps the government needed to reduce the cost of school lunches.

However, my elder daughter’s menu is similar to what I had eaten.

The most principal foods are rice and milk.
Sometimes chilidren can eat bread and noodles.
A glass of milk is served every day although some children including my daughter don’t like milk and there is an opinion that milk isn’t healthy.

The main dish is fish or meat served alternatively and some vegetables, such as potatoes and tomatoes, are served as side dishes.

2 Day care

Fortunately school cooks are cooking school lunch for day cares even now.
They cook a special lunch for my younger daughter who is allergic to egg and milk products.
It’s very helpful.
If something like cake is served and it is difficult to remove milk and eggs, my wife cooks an alternative bread and sends it to school with my younger daughter.

The menu is made by an expert in nutrition.
Milk or yoghurt are also served every day.
I wish that children could select a drink like barley tea.

In addition children can eat an afternoon snack, such as jello, banana, udon, doughnuts or cookies, at three o’clock

My elder daughter says “I liked school better when I was in day care. I felt it was more delicious. “

First Golden Week

This week in early May is called the Golden Week which comprises a number of consecutive holidays.
My family and I went to Musashi Kyuuryou park which has a large area and a lot of playing facilities.

Because of this long holiday, the roads and the parking area were crowded and a lot of families went there.
It was so crowded that there was a cloud of dust

My daughters enjoyed playing on a big swing and a long slide.They enjoyed playing with a big ball as well.
All of them are big and long. 🙂

We ate a bento prepared by my wife.
Those bento included both tuna sandwiches and rice balls.

We spent four hours there.
My wife and I got tired very early, but my daughters were tireless.
Children’s power of for playing is limitless.