My favorite natural life magazine

When I decided to build our house, I searched for some books or magazines about houses.

Most books featured only on plans, equipment, diy methods and materials.

But the “Chilchinbito ちるちんびと(Japanese)” magazine that I came across wrote on various topics related to natural wooden houses.
The publisher suggested natural life through living in wooden houses.

For example some special feature articles were as bellow.

・vegetable garden
・ecology house
・”kotatsu こたつ” (small table with an electric heater underneath and covered with a quilt)
・for children house
・ “engawa 縁側”  (veranda-like porch)

・ the “bonsai 盆栽” (miniature potted plant) This article taught us how to grow “bonsai”


・small houses
Many Japanese need to build in the average land in the 100 square meters
So the architect needs to consider various things in the process of planning.

I stopped to think about the image of my house after I read this magazine.

Recently this kind of books are increasing in publication.

Japanese seem to search for more ways of stress relief in high-stress society.