Types of intersting blogs

I usually read about one hundred blogs both in Japanese and English. (But half of them seldom update. )
Today I thought about what blogs are interesting and impressive.

1 The author can notice the various insignificant issues that I have overlooked. For example I live in Japan. So I must know most Japanese cultures and customs.But many foreign people know and study more about Japan than I do. I often learn about Japan from foreign people.

2 After reading the interesting blogs, I can imagine trips to foreign countries, reading some books, watching movies, cooking and taking photos in my house. Of course blogs that experts have written are useful. But blogs that beginners have written about how to study are also interesting. 
“Why the author had finished a job. ”
“What a hard time the author had . ”

3 The author has a very strong or unique personality. I often hear that you should focus on the category you are writing about when you write an entry on a blog.But this kind of the author can write impressive posts from his own experiences whatever the topics. And the author can express the post in various patterns. For example he analyses social problems or has a sense of humor.

By the way interesting books also have the three points in common with blogs. I am excited and feel the tension to imagine that my books are published. I am going to take it easy.