Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife Communicate With Giraffes

I was surprised at the news that people have to wait for five hours to see a panda
in Ueno zoo which is one of the most famous zoos in Tokyo.

So I went to a small zoo which we can get to in thirty minutes last week.
This zoo, which is called Hamura zoo, has small birds, small animals such as monkeys, deers, pigs and others.

The most interesting feature of this zoo is that children can feed giraffes by a long stick.
I saw the faces of giraffes’ face closely and they were eating grass.
Their faces look modest.
Children looked like they were having fun although ostriches sometimes came to eat the giraffes’ food.

Second characteristic is that there are some play equipment in addition to animals.
My daughters enjoyed riding on a SL train and Tomas train.
I was annoyed by Thomas train because we had better enjoy natural things and it costs another money.
However, my younger daughter cried and shouted, “I wanted to ride on it much more. ”

Third characteristic is that there is a large lawn area which families can eat and play freely.
We ate rice balls which my daughters cooked.
Even my three years younger daughter could make rice balls well.

Anyway that is enjoyable enough to satisfy our young children.
We could see all animals without queuing.

A walk in the park and a visit to the zoo

At last we went out for a walk after my daughters recovered from the flu
It’s been a long time since we went out the park.

This park has a large forest and a small zoo.

The cherry blossoms are going to wither soon.

Some swans, flamingos and water birds live in this pond.

My younger daughter wes looking into the pond through a fence thoughtfully.

My daughters plucked a dandelion and a ring from it with their mother’s help.

At the zoo we could pet deer, sheep, chickens and guinea pigs.
My daughters were afraid at first, but they managed to touch them softly eventually.

These monkeys were grooming each other.
They hid under the shade because it was hot.
My younger daughter said, “Those monkeys don’t move quickly.”

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We went to a zoo. : Capybaras take a hot spa

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My family and I went to the Takasaka children’s nature zoo in Saitama yesterday.

We often go to various zoos because my daughters like animals.

The unique characteristics of this zoo are that there are athletic facilities, a library, a museum of Peter Rabbit and others.
I don’t know why there such places in the zoo.
But my daughters enjoyed playing everywhere and eating rice balls made by my wife.

Capybaras can take a hot spa in the zoo.How cute!