This week is called ,”Golden Week.” in Japan. Since there are 5 holiday, many tourist spots are very crowded. My family, though, still don’t have a plan to go somewhere.

That’s why we enjoyed this monopoly almost all day. The goal of this game is to buy many land and hotels and to gain a lot of money. As for children, they can learn how to count money and investment. My daughters are excited to earn money. I noticed that they are competive than I expect

Do you know this game ?


Sushi Restaurant


My family and I went to sushi restaurant last Saturday. Almost all restaurants in neighborhood are recently conveyor belt sushi restaurants but this restaurant is traditional sushi restaurant where a professional cook makes sushi. The building is same to a common house in Japan.


This is lunch set including raw tuna, whitefish, egg, cucumber and scallop.
My daughters chose sushi without wasabi. My daughters’ favorite is scallop.
It costs 900 yens


This is a beautiful sashimi set.It was first time for my children to visit such traditional sushi restaurant. It’s worth to try to visit.

Cherry blossoms Festival


Cherry blossoms fetival in the park was held in neighborhood today.


My family and I come to this park every year.


Many people enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms while they eat food and drink something such as beer.
We call it, “Hanami” ( seeing blossoms. )


This is a taiko perfomance in the park which is one of perfomances during the festival. Of course, there are shops where you can buy some foods such as fried noodles, fried chicken and curry.

Rural Living Experience

At last I decided where to spend our summer holiday.

The place is Nagano prefecture which has a hot spring and nature things.
The reason that I chose this place is that my younger daughter can experience rural living and I can get there within three hours by car.

Crawfish by wiki commons

This tour I chose offers us various unique experiences such as crawfishing, making a raft and cooking rural food.
If you want more to do, you can add noodling, cooking bread and various crafts.
We will stay in a “minsyuku” ( guest house ).
A minsyuku is a small Japanese house and sometimes you share public spaces like corridors ando toilet with its owner.
My wife and I have never stayed in a minsyuku because we are shy with new people
So we also may feel more tension than usual.

The travel fee is low even though we are going during tourist season.
That’s helpful for us because a usual high season tour costs 1.5 times higher than off season.
It’s because I ordered through the consumers’ cooperative society( co-op ) which doesn’t pursue a profit.

The other options I also wanted to go to were Naoshima, Kanazawa and the Tohoku area but we will go to these places when my children grow up.

Anyway we’ll enjoy a short summer holiday. If possible, we want to go to the other places during the summer season.

I’m Keen On Flicker

Some years ago I became a Flicker member but I didn’t understand how could put it well.
This week I began to understand the way to enjoy it a little more.
I uploaded some old photos and became a premium member.

The merit of Flicker is to store photos and videos in unlimited storage.
If my PC and an external HD(hard disk) break down accidentally, I lose all my photos.
You can sort the photos in chronological order and you can make and see your original web album everywhere.

The second merit is to share and comment on photos among the many people in Flicker which seems to have the largest number of members in the world.
If Mr.frizztext and I upload the tractor photo, we can share and compare it each other.
I’m surprised that a lot of members upload high quality photos.
In addition I am joining various groups which have similar interest as mine.
If you know a good group, I want to know the group too.

The third merit is that I can save my children’s photo and photos of their craft.
Perhaps I’ll set some of them as public.

The problem that I concerned is Flicker company will go bankrupt and I lost all of them.
So I need to save them also in external HD in the same way as previously.

My flicker site.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

If you build a building or tear down an old building, you need to be concerned about the neighborhood more than you think.

If people who live near the construction site are angry with the contractor for some reason,
you might not be able to continue to build or the working time might be restricted.

Contractors always make an effort to meet the nearby residents before they being to build..

The numbers in the photo shows the noise level and vibration level in the construction site.
People walking around the place can confirm the noise level and feel that the contractor seems to do well.
When the number is less than the legal limit, the contractor can say that they are respecting the neighborhood.
However, some people might think the sound is too loud even if the number is low.

Anyway the field superintendent needs to be wary of the noize level and complaints in the neighborhood.