Harajyuk station.

This place is harajyuk staion in Shibuy Tokyo. This station was built in 1906 and now about 75 ,000 people use it every day.

Behind the station there is the very tall NTT docomo building which is about two hundreds and thirty meters in height. It is similar to Empire State Building in Manhattan.

Wind cave

This picture was taken in the cave which is cold place all the year round.
In 864 the cave was made from Mt.Fuji’s lava flow.
The cave was used for keeping the silkworm and the seeds as a natural refrigerator.
It was about 1 ponit centigrade when we went in despite of 27 points centigrade outside.

The last day of the year.

image 19

Today is The last day of the year.
My family visited my father’s grave. We made an offering of flowers and incense at the grave.

We ate Chinese noodles during lunch. It is a popular New Years Eve custom in Japan.
and my wife made Brazirian pão de queijo.

Later we will cook pizza in a home-bakery in the evening.
The pizza had cheese,potatos,onions,winter mushrooms
,and wieners.
But my younger daughter’s pizza will not have cheese on it
because she is allergic to egg and milk products


New year decoration

image 18

My wife prepared New year decoration on the front door.
I bought osechi. For example a datemaki (a rolled omelet mixed with fish paste)
Osechi is the special dish served on the first three days of the New year. They are usually stored in ornate lacquered boxes called jubako.
The New year is the most important annual event in Japan.
The next year is the Year of the Rabbit
according to Chinese astrology.
I was born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac sign at this year.