What I write

A nature, human bond and nostalgic things impress me. I try to write down these things in my daily life. I’m happy that my readers are in sympathy with my views.

Who I am

・I have two young daughters. So my family often go parks and play spots.
・I live in a wooden house built by the traditional method of construction.
・I have grown some native vegetables in my small garden two years ago
・I like to take photos. I have a Canon Eos Kiss Digital X. But recently I take photos with iPhone.
・I have studied architecture and city planning since I was a college student.
・I like to travel inside and outside the country.
・I like reading books.I’m a fan of William Somerset Maugham, Dostoevskii and Haruki Murakami.
・I am interested in citizen’ groups which can solve problems.

Where I live

I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan.
There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe.
So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightsee.

Why I write in English

English is my second language. And I have never written a blog continuously in Japanese.
But I decided to write my blog in English for the seven reason below.

1 I want to study English so that I will be able to communicate with one billion English speakers.
2 I want to know things and thought from around the world from individuals not the major media.
3 I want to tell Japanese good or bad things from my own experience.
4 I want to be able to think about Japan objectively.
5 I want the memories in this blog to remain for my daughters so that they can read this blog when they grow up.
6 After I communicate many people I want to create something concrete
7 I want to change the world and me a little.It may change my life.

I appreciate it if you correct my sentences if you notice a mistake in my English
Anyway I enjoy writing a blog.


194 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello,

    Your English is quite good already (honest!). Did you study abroad somewhere? Another great blog by a Japanese mom in English is this one:


    A couple small corrections:

    * photograph -> photography. A photograph is 写真, while photography is 撮影 (I think…)

    * “I am glad that you corrected my sentence if you noticed a mistake in my English.”

    The phrase “I am glad that” should be “I appreciate it if/when…”. Also, “corrected” and “noticed” sound better as “correct” and “notice” (not past-tense). So maybe:

    “I appreciate it if you correct my sentences if you notice a mistake in my English”

    Great job though. This is a complex sentence and sounds very nice overall.

  2. Smiling Hello from イスタンブール 🙂
    Luckily I just found your little corner, and enjoyed having a quick eye on your posts. Sounds good enough in english but I would appreciate if you could write in japanese. Been to beauty full Japan, but not yet Kawagoe. Thanks for sharing all about your town.

    Best wishes.

  3. Kimchi is very good for you. Kimchi has Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Yes, Korean BBQ ( Kalbi) is very tasty. It is Kimchi not kimuchi. There is no kimuchi in Korean. It’s Kimchi.

  4. My (full)name is Sakaguchi Benjamin Akeala Belew.(坂口ベンジャミン明ベルー)
    I am a half Japanese, half-American composer and artist that resides in Indiana. After hearing the devastated news of the earth quake, flood, nuclear radiation etc. I created a video with my composition “Aria” to send hope to my home land and the people.

    Please take a look. And if you do, thank you for your time in doing so.
    Sakaguchi Benjamin Akeala Belew

    1. Hello Sakaguchi Benjamin Akeala Belew
      Thank you for sharing your video.
      Very impressive music moved me.
      We will have hope and confidence thanks to these message.

  5. Hello Cocomino

    You have to excuse me for posting a comment here. What can I say really…every time I come here for some reading, i feel it is time well spent. The photos, anecdotes with your children, observation etc….they are very sweet and something many can relate to. I love coming here when I can. Unfortunately I am not spending more time than what I would like to, but I know that the time spent here is well spent. Keep up the good work on your blog.

    1. Thank you for your comment and continuing to read my diary.
      That’s encouraging.
      I’ll keep it up as much as possible because I enjoy writing my blog.

  6. Request for an interview with a French media

    Hello there,

    I’m a researcher for Citizenside (www.citizenside.com/en). We’re the world’s biggest eyewitness news community. We’re doing a feature right now for the 100 days since the March 11 quake.

    We’re looking for people who would be interested in doing a brief phone or Skype interview about what it’s like and the state of mind of people in damaged areas.

    Do people want to go back? How have communities reacted? Are people pulling together or do people live on their own despite what happened?…

    We’ve been hearing some good stories as well as sad ones after the quake and we’d like to make sure to get those across to our readers.

    I see that you don’t live in the region but maybe you know people (friends, colleagues…) who live or lived there and who could talk to us?

    Best Regards,

    Laura / Citizenside

    1. Thank you for stopping by.
      Your site seems to be interesting.
      Sorry, I don’t know the people who live in the affected area.
      I know only the news that many people can’t get home even now.

  7. It’s really very nice to be able to share ur experience and of the actual situation.I am here in Tokyo since 2 years and was here when the disaster struck.Just hoping all the people out there find peace and happiness back in their lives.
    Maybe your kids would love my blog on the various places in Japan we have been to including Universal Studios.
    Just to see a smile on their faces 🙂 🙂


    I have also added a ‘Pray for Japan’ page to my blogs so that someone can take a while and we all can pray together for Japan and the people.Maybe u will also like

    Also,Thanks for blogging in English so that many of us can relate easily.
    Thank u.God Bless u and ur family !

    1. Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and your comment.
      I have never been to the Universal Studio but want to go to someday.
      I’ll read your blog soon. 🙂

  8. Hello,

    My name is Billy Martyn. I follow your blog and wanted to introduce myself.

    My brother and I recently launched a free language learning site with the goal of offering English and Japanese language learners a new way to practice with each other.

    Our site (abcloop.com/en) focuses on the “social” aspect of learning, with tools that allow conversations to be translated and checked by everyone who uses it. Conversations, for example in the Travel Loop, often start in one language and continue in both English and Japanese.

    We think it is great that you are blogging in English and hope more people will be inspired to do the same as we think practicing is the best way to learn. We would like to meet with you for coffee if you are available sometime.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,


  9. Hello!! I was searching for a water park near Kawagoe to cool off during this summer, and accidently reached your blog! Its a great initiative you have taken to write blogs in English. I am a gaikokujin staying near Tsurugashima Eki and visit Kawagoe at least once a week. I have been here for 2.5years, and love the life here. Its wonderful that more of Japanese are trying to polish their English. Good luck in your endeavor.

    1. Nice to meet you. I’m glad to hear that.
      I use tsurugashima station every morning. You really live near to my house. I hope you enjoy a living in Japan.

  10. I am really GLAD to have another blogger like you who connected to my blog. I really like (like without the “d”) everything you wrote on this very page especially that part where you stated your reasons on why you use the English Language in your blogging. It really touched me. If you noticed, we have a LOT in common – you also use an iPhone, you are also interested in groups for a cause, you also want grammarians to give a figurative kick on our blog posts … to name a few.

    Truly, I am amazed at how you articulated your ABOUT ME PAGE. I am now treating your blog as my “ticket” to Japan as I feel like I am transported there each time I make a tour in it.

    See you around … here.

  11. This year is the first time we visited Kawagoe and we enjoyed it very much. My husband and I have been visiting Japan every summer for the last 4 years. We hope to come again next year and look forward to visiting Kawago. Thank you for keeping this site.

  12. Hey just stopping by to say that I’ve read a couple of your posts and I like your site! I love all the pictures you post too! I look forward to learning more about your life in Japan! You write in English very well, and I’m glad you write in English because at this point I would have no clue how to read Japanese! Maybe some day I’ll take some classes though. Take care!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and comment a lot.:)
      That’s great that you’ll learn Japanese because it’s difficult to learn.If you want, I’ll help your Japanese.

  13. Hi! I just stumbled Across your blog while I was tag-surfing, I’m so pleased I did! 🙂 I have always wanted to go to Japan, I think it is absolutely fascinating and is a completely different world to Europe. It’s so iteresting reading about your life and life in Japan, when so often the language is always a huge barrier!

  14. Greetings! I came across your blog from comments you made on another blog. I have a very high affection for Japan. My ancestors are from Japan, and I have visited Japan a few times on business. I only speak a little, little bit of Japanese – sukoshi wakarimasu — I wish I could speak more. I love the country and would love to go back again, and again….
    I will visit your blog again!

  15. My friend, you are blessed with such a beautiful and loving family. Your two daughters are always having the best adventures around which shows your adventurous spirit. You’ve shared so many beautiful moments with your family and I always admire people who are devoted to their love ones. Wishing you and your family all the blessings in life.

  16. Thanks for coming back to my blog after my holiday absence in the US, and ‘liking’ my last post. I will try hard to keep the post rate up, but I do have a few distractions at the moment.

  17. Hey Cocomino,hope u r doing fine 🙂 Actually we are planning to visit the Kawagoe Festival on this Oct 15th n 16th.I was wondering if u could help me know the best time of the day and the best spots for viewing the floats.I have also mailed u in detail.Any suggestions/advice from u would greatly help 🙂 🙂
    Thanks n Cheers !

      1. Oh i don’t know how my mail got missed..but thank u so much Cocomino !
        It’s so nice of u..
        I would wait for ur mail. 🙂 🙂

  18. Hello cocomino,
    My name is Kait and I am from Chicago, but I am currently living in Kawagoe! I work in Tokorozawa as a children’s English teacher for the Saitama YMCA. I love your blog! Your English is very good! But, I’ve also noticed a lot of Spanish. I have also lived in Mexico and Chile, so I love the Spanish as well! Do you speak fluently? I would love any suggestions for the upcoming festival here in Kawagoe as well, if you have a moment.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Kait. Nice to meet you. I’m glad to know you living in Kawagoe.
      My English was corrected on “lang-8”
      I just started to learn Spanish about three months ago.
      So I can’t speak both English and Spanish fluently but I hope I’ll do so.:)

      Actually I was born in Tokyo but I know about Kawagoe festival a little.
      My family and I will go to the festival on one of two days.

      Kind regards.

  19. Interesting. I’ve been to your site but never got the change to visit the About Page. Your kids must be cute! I love Japanese girls with some bias because my nieces are half Japanese. My sister’s family is living in Tochige – ken now. I think they lived in Saitama before or Chiba Ken? I can’t really remember..

    Anyway, I teach ESL for a long time! But right now I’m teaching Creative Writing in Singapore.

    Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Tochigi, Saitama and Chiba are all near to Tokyo.
      That’s nice that you know about Japanese things.
      I want to teach my children English.
      When I need to your help, I’ll ask some questions.
      Thank you for your continued help. 🙂

  20. I think I am really going to enjoy reading your blog. I really liked the reasons why you want to write your blog in English.
    Also, thank you for liking my first post on my blog!
    Do you have any advice for writing a blog in a second language?

  21. “こんにちは” dear Cocomino. First of all Thank you for visiting my blog and also for your nice comment. I am so glad to meet with you and with your beautiful blog. I would like to learn some Japanese words/phrases but I am also so glad that you write in English, otherwise I couldn’t have met with you. You are doing great with this blog. How exciting and enjoyable to meet with a new blogger for me. Japanese people, and their culture, literature, art, music, crafts, etc. they are all so nice and I love to learn more about them. Good Luck for your beautiful blog and also for your life with your family. “Kawagoe” should be an amazing place… Thank you for this voyage at my desk through your beautiful posts and photographs… I wish you and your family and your beautiful country Happy New Year and peaceful days, especially not to live such a disaster like the last one. My heart always with this great culture and their people… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    1. I’m happy that you’ll learn Japanese. If you need help to learn Japanese, let me know.
      Meeting with other bloggers is the most interesting.

      “Kawagoe” is old town which is popular for tourist site.
      If you visit Japan, I recommend this town. 🙂

      1. Thank you dear Cocomino. It is not easy to learn Japanese but I would like to learn some words/phares… And you write sometimes with the meaning of English language. Otherwise how I wished to know Japanese… and to be able to read the books in their orginal language… I am really so glad to meet with you and with your blog. “Kawagoe” makes me excited… Who knows maybe one day we make a travel, with my husband… Be sure, I am impatiend to reaad your blog and to watch your photographs… as if there is a book in front of me and I am like a child to read and to watch and to follow it… Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

  22. Thanks for visiting my humorous photoblog and leaving a couple of “likes.” Your English is excellent. (I have been a manuscript editor/course developer for Ohio University for over 30 years.)

    You photos are beautiful.

  23. Hello and congratulations on your great blog! I am very glad I discovered it, the way you describe the life in Japan is very interesting. Actually I found your blog as I was looking for information about life in Kawagoe (yes, literally your blog title, how lucky^^), since my fiancé got offered a job in Saitama Prefecture starting April. I think the job is in Kumagaya but I have found out many people find Kawagoe convenient as it is between the job and Tokyo. So I will keep on following your blog with attention ! Best wishes to you and your family 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad to know you. Kawagoe is a good place to walk around because there are many traditional architecture and shops.
      It’s good to live in Kumagaya and enjoy Japanese culture. Thank you for your continued help.

  24. Hajimemashite, cocomino! Hi, watashi wa Olive-desu. Doozo yoroshiku 🙂 I’m glad to find your blog. I’m happy to make a friend with Japanese for some reasons 🙂
    I’m an Indonesian & just like you, English is also my second language 🙂 I’ll look forward to read your posts here.
    Oh, just to let you know, watashi wa Nihon-go ga suki desu.. 😀

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I’m also glad to know you. Your Japanese is great. I can understand what you mean.
      Yorosiku onegaishimasu. (よろしくおねがいします。)

  25. Hi !
    I am studying architecture in Tokyo this year, and I have a school project in Kawagoe.
    My japanese not being as good as i want it to be, i wasn’t really able to discuss with Kawagoe’s inhabitant about their daily life … So looking on the internet for further informations i stumbled on your blog !
    A lot of very nice pictures 🙂
    If you have time, maybe we could exchange mails about Kawagoe’s life ?
    Here is my e-mail : ronanlg@free.fr

    Hoping having news from you !
    Best, Ronan

    1. I wrote it for over a year ago and often forget what I thought. So, I should reset myself and remember what I thought. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  26. Dear Cocomino: Thank you for joining my blog. I enjoy your comments and your posts, as well. Sometimes I have to take some time off from blogging due to health reasons, but know that I appreciate your interest and always return.


  27. I am honoured to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please pick-up your award at http://parasharstales.wordpress.com/. Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I am very aware that some people do not wish to participate in Awards, and I completely respect that… no strings! But in any case, Congratulations, you have a Lovely Blog

    1. Thank you for giving me the award. I really appreciate it.
      I’m always happy to hear when I receive the various awards but I haven’t followed the since the last year. That’s why I don’t think of what I should write, sorry.
      Anyway, congrats to your award.
      Have a wonderful day!

  28. Hello, Cocomino-san! I found your blog link at Japan Life and Religion. I (American) have lived in Japan since Showa 53 (nearly 35 years!) but I visited Kawagoe for the first time a few months ago. I am planning a visit to Kitain to see the goma fire ceremony there (maybe when the weather gets a bit cooler). I am looking forward to more of your interesting posts and photos!

    1. Hello. JohnL. Thank you for stopping by and glad to know you.I’m sure that you enjoyed Kawagoe where is an old town.
      Kitain is also a popular and nice place. I’ll write about Kawagoe sometimes. 🙂

  29. Wow, lots of comments! It’s because you have a great blog. We often “play” in Kawagoe; Isanuma Park, Maruhiro play area, Children’s castle jidokan, play area in Toys-r-us etc etc. We go to a park or play area in Saitama almost everyday and I have recently starting sharing some of the places on my blog. You probably know a lot of them.

    Glad to have found your blog.

  30. I must say your grasp of english is very good! I love your blog & will be visiting kawagoe with my wife at the end of this month, do you have any tips for our visit? We’ll be there on the 28th, I hear there is some sort of event on, do you know what it is?

    Keep up the great blog!

  31. Hi Cocomino>
    I am visiting Japan again in 2 weeks. I will be meeting a Japanese friend in Kawagoe. He lives in Ota City, but suggested we meet in Kawagoe, as he had not been there before!
    I will only be there for a couple of hours.

    1. Hi Tony. That’s great that you’ll visit Kawagoe. As your friend knows, Kawagoe is an old town where you find old houses and sweet potato food. Have a wonderful trip. 🙂

  32. Hello there! I think your blog and mine have many things in
    common. They’re both loaded with photos of nature 🙂 I am enjoying
    seeing your photos of your side of the world. Keep them coming!
    Good luck and have fun always.

  33. Hello Cocomino – great to find your blog and hear about all the things you get up to with your girls. Loved the pictures of your day at the zoo and visits about your home.

  34. Hi! I live in Namegawa but we often go to kawagoe I really like the old part of your city. Im from Mexico so you can practice spanish with me =).

  35. Hi Coco!
    Is it OK to call you that? Thank you for visiting my blog recently. I am quite touched by the simplicity of your blog & your style of writing. I have always dreamed about visiting Japan, and your blog will help me get a closer view to your lovely country. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi. Yes, it’s Okay I’m glad if you know about Japan from my blog. Japan is a beautiful country and there are many delicious food. I hope that your dream will come true. 😀

    1. Hello Rosa. Thank you for stopping by and commenting kindly. I’m really glad to know you because I was studying Spanish and want to visit Spain someday. Have a wonderful day, too.

  36. Hello! This is Edward here, use to live in Higashimatsyama! Can you drop me an email to edward “at” japan-experience.com, I would like to send you a message in private. Thanks

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