Roller Skate


My family and I went to a roller skate rink in “Korakuen”, Tokyo.
“Korakuen” has amusument park and Tokyo Baseball Stadium. (Tokyo Dome.)


It’s not easy to find a roller skate rink in Japan because there are few rinks.
I guess that a roller skate was hot more than 30 years ago.


Of course, it was first for us to try it. ( Neither my daughters have tried to ice skating. )
Firstly, it was hard just to walk slowly with roller skate shows.
I felt like ice skating. Most of the time, I hold the hands of my youngest daughter in the rink.

Next time, I’ll try to ice skating with my children. 😀


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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

30 thoughts on “Roller Skate”

  1. 皆さん気持ちよさそうに滑ってますね。ローラースケートリンクは確かに珍しいですね。昔、光GENJIがローラースケートをはいて歌い踊ってた時代に奈良の田園の中の空き地にあり、子供たちを連れて行きました。ふだんは家の前の道路でしていましたよ。

    1. 私も光Genjiを思い出しました。今だにこういうところが残ってるなんて驚きました。思ったより滑れました。

  2. Ah, roller skating is fun – that’s what my kids say. Luckily, you can skate on the street or pavement and don’t need to go to a rink.

  3. It looks great – but quite hard to do! I think I rollerskated when I was quite young and tried ice-skating as an adult. I couldn’t keep my balance!

    Love the video 🙂

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