Playing With A Clay


You can make what you want to make wit a clay. Generally there is a class for making a clay at schools.


My youngest daughter made many smiles. She likes faces smiling.


My oldest daughter made various food like cakes,


Can you see small price tag in this photo?
In short, she wants to have her own shop. :)
A cray may bring them dream.

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37 thoughts on “Playing With A Clay

  1. Playing with clay is so good for kids – they are creative and they are developing their fine motor skills. I stil have many of my girls’ creations lining the windowsil, on top of the tv, keeping the computer company, …… :)

  2. can i just say how thoroughly DELIGHTFUL your blog is??!!?? Coco, you are a true gem and your family is so fortunate to have you! Seeing your daughter’s clay smiles brought a smile to my face, too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your daughters are making lovely things with clay. I remember when I was a child using Plaster of Paris to make models – it was a grey powder you had to mix with water. You have reminded me of it :-)

  4. Smiles and cakes–wonderful forms to make from clay. This brings back so many wonderful memories of clay formations of my own two children. Thank you!

  5. ええ、日本の粘土は白いですか?!


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