Eating Sushi 02 : Conveyer Belt Sushi


I went to a conveyer-belt sushi restaurant with my daughters.
Most of this type of restaurants are adapted for families including children because they serve sushi without wasabi ( we call it “Sabinuki”in Japanese) sweets, toys and juices.


We can take our favorite sushi from a coveyor belt. There are not only sushi but also potatoes, tempura sushi and cakes on the conveyer belt.


In addition, a space shuttle and Shinkansen came to us when we order our favorite sushi with a touch panel. They came very fast compared with other sushi deliverd by the convey-belt.


My youngest daughter mainly ate “Makimono” which is rice rolled in dried laver. The ingredients are natto, cucumber and dried gourd shavings.

My oldest daughter likes an egg sushi and tuna sushi.


There aren’t any sushi which we, parents, don’t like.

Anyway, these sushi were at a reasonable price because all of the sushi cost 100 yen each. My children really enjoyed this restaurant.

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32 thoughts on “Eating Sushi 02 : Conveyer Belt Sushi

  1. Wow! Cake in a sushi place! *^v^*
    When we ate sushi in Tokio and Kyoto I loved the fact that we didn’t know the language so we didn’t know most of the toppings. We just took what was coming our way and tasted it – it was fun and we liked all of them, some were better than the other but in general we didn’t get anything awful. ~^v^~

  2. Makimono? I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds as if I’d like it! (As you know, I don’t like raw fish.) What is tempura sushi? Not raw?

    I love the idea of space shuttle sushi! :)

      • Makimono is makizushi (巻寿司)! I should’ve guessed that. Sometimes I’m a very slooooow Japanese learner. (@_@)

        I’m going to try tempura sushi! I’m glad you told me. ^^

      • Makizushi is also okay. Japanese words are very complicated even for us.
        Japanese people often mistake to speak Japanese.
        Recently I forgot many Kanji because I don’t write by hand. My oldest daughter is learning Kanji a lot. :smile:

  3. You are very good at taking photos which informs a foreigner, I know how difficult this can be -to “see” daily things with new eyes. The sushi restaurant looks very nice. In Denmark, we love Sushi, it has been very modern to eat for some years now. I love it too, because I have a very dear friend in Japan, who have showed me how she makes it, and given me some tips. :-)

    • Thank you very much. This blog is like my diary, So I write about many things which I experienced.

      I’m glad that you also like sushi.
      There are many recipes including sushi on the internet. You’ll find it soon. :)

  4. This kind of restaurant is so fun to experience and great your daughters enjoyed it! I also called it conveyer belt sushi when I went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Osaka. The belt wrapped around many times like a very long snake. There is a sushi restaurant I went to a few times in San Francisco called Sushi Bune (boat?). I don’t know if it is still there, but sushi comes around to you on little boats on water. You pick which ones you want to eat.

    • Thanks a lot. The boats sound really fun. My children will love it. I remembered unique sashimi restaurant. You can see fishes in water while you eat fresh sashimi dishes.
      It’s also fun.

  5. Oooh, I SO wish we had these kinds of healthful fastfood places in the U.S. So great the way you always point out what each of your precious daughters likes best. This helps me choose suggestions for my grandchildren.

  6. There are loads of these conveyer-belt sushi restaurants in Japan and they are great for children and families and don’t cost an arm and a leg to visit. We often visit Kappa sushi and our little one loves the shinkansen that delivers the sushi :)

    Japan Australia

    • There is also Kappa sushi in Saitama. They are many chain stores in Japan.
      The number of conveyer-belt sushi restaurants is larger than not conveyer-belt sushi restaurants, I guess. It’s funny.

  7. チョコレートケーキはおいしそうですね!


  8. The grownups’ restaurant appealed to me most, but the kids’ sushi looked just fine too. We live inland in New England and there really isn’t any good sushi here!
    Oh, I miss it!!!!!!!!

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