Eating Sushi 01

Do you like sushi? I really like eating sushi. This is a famous food of Japan, you know.


The other day my wife and I went to a sushi restaurant in a department store.

All fishes used where from Otaru, Hokkaido which is in the North of Japan. Fish from Hokkaido are very popular and delicious. The restaurant i went to was a Tokyo branch of a Hokkaido based restaurant.


My wife ordered a sushi set. There was less rice than other sushi which we often eat and the presentation was very beautiful. Moderately-fatty tuna which was red one and seasoned urchin eggs which was yellow one were my wife’s favorite. As you know, Japanese people eat one third of all the tuna in the world.


On the other hand, I ate “Chirashi Zushi” where many kinds of raw fish are put on vinegared rice. This was also beautiful and it was fun to try various fish.

We also ate a soup which tasted of shrimp.

The price of this sushi feast was so high that we have it occasionally as a reward for our daily hard works only

After we arrived home, my children were angry to hear that we ate sushi. So we had to take our kids to another sushi restaurant.

To be continued.

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52 thoughts on “Eating Sushi 01

  1. Sushi is starting to become more popular in South Africa. My ten year old daughter loves it and we always celebrate her birthday with a sushi meal. Last year we lived in Mozambique for a while and my husband and a friend went fishing. That evening we ate fresh sushini from their catch. It was the best we have ever had. The sushi you ate looks really elaborate. Far more beautifully presented than any that I have seen this side of the world.Thanks for your interesting post!

    • That’s really good that Sushi is popular in South Africa. Your daughter must be happy to eat it. Thanks for your comment. This sushi is better than usual one which we often eat. :) A great Sushi cook made them.

  2. I tried sushi about a year ago for the first time! Since then I’ve had a few different kinds but my selection has been very limited. I’m sure your sushi there is fantastic, no comparison to here in the US. That’s so funny your daughters got mad that you and your wife ate sushi out without them! I laughed when I read that. Well then, you got a double treat since you took them out afterwards too. :D

  3. Uh-oh. This is very embarrassing to admit, but … I don’t like to eat sushi. (Will you forgive me?! I know this makes me a Very Bad Japanese Resident.) I like looking at it, though! ;)

  4. D & I go out for sushi at least once a week! We are fortunately that prices in this area aren’t terribly expensive. There are a number of restaurants nearby that offer all you can eat sushi buffet lunch. My personal favorite is tamago, and rolls that include tobiko: yum! :D

  5. >> Do you like sushi? I really like eating sushi. This is a famous food of Japan, you know.

    Yes, I love sushi! And of course, the best and freshest sushi can be found in Japan. Yes, sushi is known all over (most) the world.

    I’m hungry :-) Just your kids, I am also angry that you didn’t take me to eat sushi!

  6. たいへんおいしそうですね!


  7. I love sushi! It is one of my top 5 favorite foods! Of course, the best sushi I ever had was in Japan, but I have been to some really good restaurants here in the US. We also have a good fish market where I live, so we can get nice sushi-quality fish and make our own fancy sushi meals for much less money. Hubby is a really good sushi chef at home!

  8. I think sushi is an acquired taste and a good sushi restaurant is the right place to try this. I never really liked sushi, or did not think I did until our first trip to Hong Kong and there discovered it was quite different to any I had tasted before.

  9. That last photograph of the sushi feast is truly a work of art. Such a treat for you and your wife to enjoy together–thanks for sharing this beautiful food with us.

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