Where Do You Make A Booking For Your Travel?

In the past I had to go to travel agencies and talk to their staff if I want to make a booking for my travel.
The merit of booking through these agencies was that I could read some pamphlets about many places.

So I recently took some pamphlets at a travel agency and searched similar tours to the same destination and compared them on the internet.
In most cases the tours on the web are low-priced than those on pamphlets at a travel agency.
I wonder if a travel agency will disappear if it doesn’t have good travel consultants.

Anyway I’m searching for a tour for these summer holidays by online travel services.
There are three types of online travel services as below.

1 Low-priced Travel
Their service often offers packages that include both the airfare and hotel reservation.
You can’t select the date of flight freely.
Most of the services don’t have dinner or sometimes breakfast.
If you add more money, you can select a higher class hotel and a better flight.
If you want to travel economically, you had better choose this type.

2 Mid-priced Travel
From major to middle class travel companies which offer various tour types such as for family, for businesss and for group participants.
If you want, you can chose a conducted tour.
I have two daughters so I may choose the family type tour.

3 For luxurious travel
This type dos not concern me. 😦

There are tons of online travel services and
the site which advertises many online travel service.
You can compare among them if you input the conditions.

The way to book a trip has changed very much from before.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing. http://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/index.html

17 thoughts on “Where Do You Make A Booking For Your Travel?”

  1. But I have to admit, when I’m in Japan, I love poring over pamphlets available at travel agencies. They are so much fun to look at and has a lot of info (even if I barely understand it) XD

  2. ツアー旅行は短時間でいろいろな所へ連れて行ってもらえるメリットもありますね。 また、同じホテルに連泊するツアーでは翌日のツアー計画を自由行動に変更する事も可能な事を知りました。上手に活用するとお得ですね。

    1. そうですね。移動手段と宿を別々に自分で頼むより安い場合もあるので、いろいろ迷います。4人だとけっこう、大金なのでちょっとの違いが、合計金額にひびいてきます。。

  3. 多くの日本人は団体旅行が好きですね。


    1. ご高齢の方などは、特に団体旅行が好きですが、若い人は、個人旅行のほうが多いようです。


  4. Yes, travel has changed a lot … With internet access, we can find a lot on our own or compare prices of different packages and choose what we like. I use my favorite airline and a wonderful, international travel company when I travel. So far, I’m happy with my results. 🙂

  5. Whenever I go someplace new, I like to gather up all the pamphlets that are in the lobby of the hotel we are staying at with all the sites to see and places to go and visit while we are there. We never make it to all those places, of course (there’s just too many), but I like looking at all the pictures and reading about all the places we could’ve have gone if we had the time — and the money.

    Hope you find the perfect place to travel to for you and your family, and that it’s economical so you can do lots of things when you are there!

  6. Years ago, a travel agency was about the only option. Now, we do everything on the internet. We used a great site to find a wonderful vacation home for our trip this summer, VRBO. com (Vacation Rentals by Owner), then booked our flights separately. (After some research, found it was cheaper to book straight through the airline). Have fun planning your trip!

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