Shopping On A Rainy Day

Today a strong typhoon was on its way to my neighborhood and it rained heavily.
So I went to the shopping mall which has a roof and a canopy with my family.

We can walk into some clothing shops, general stores, bookshops, hundred-yen stores and restaurants without an umbrella.

This space is at the center of the mall which has a large roof.
This area is used for concerts, bazaars, exhibitions and the other events.
Today the handmade toy and general merchandise bazaar was held.
These handmade goods are made of natural things such as wood and hemp.
Some of the shops sold goods for charity that were for the affected area.

My daughters bought cute stationery item such as pencils and notebooks.
She uses a 4B pencil for school because she doesn’t have enough strength to write using other pencils.

Once the elder daughter buys something, I have to buy a similar item for my younger daughter even if she doesn’t necessarily need it.
omg. 😥

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

19 thoughts on “Shopping On A Rainy Day”

  1. Has the typhoon subside now?

    Hahaha… one daughter buys something so it is only fair the other one has it too, right? Otherwise, there may be a squabble about the purchase. ;p

  2. Children are the same every where in the world.
    That’s normal if your younger daughter wants something new too… The contrary would be strange. 😉
    You write than the space in the center is used too as a concert venue… but how is the quality of the sound ? Is there not a lot of reverberation ?

  3. Nice post.

    As a older sibling, I know how younger sisters can be, and mine was the same. When it got to clothes and such, I would get annoyed, I hated to look alike to anyone. Luckily, we both grow out of it. Although, those pencils do look neat, I understand why she would want them.

    1. Thanks much. My younger daughter was pleased with her shopping but she forgot it soon. It is important that her shopping experience than the item itself.

  4. 台風2号が来ましたね!

    Wakaba Walkって何か特別な場所がありますか?

    1. うちのほうには、それほど台風の被害はなかったです。

    1. Whether they like or not, my younger daughter wears the clothes which my elder daughter wore before.
      She doesn’t seem to dislike them.
      There are a few same clothes.
      Sure they love it.

  5. Oh the crying smiley is so cute… It is the same with my kids. You buy for one and the other wants something too… 🙂

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