Hate Losing

My elder daughter really likes Uno, playing cards and othello.

This is a good thing for her to use her brain with but she hates losing.
She plays and practices these games a lot.
She said that she always wins at these games at school.

But there’s a problem.
If I beat her at the game, she cries loudly and places her head on the table.
I ask her ” Do you want to play it one more time?”
She says with tears. “I’ll play till I win. ”
I don’t really try to play it next time .
She smiles quickly after she wins the next game.
Is it right?

As for me, I can’t remember loosing at games to adults when I was a child.
Maybe adults just don’t really try at playing games. lol.

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21 thoughts on “Hate Losing”

    1. As both of the competitors being part of the game, no one can really wins nor loses in the game! They are mirror to each other. They are both the same source, same universe. It doesn’t really matter who wins. However, to complete a game, there must be a winner. The one who being defeated might learn much more than the one who defeated other. 😀 As he/she would not only learn skills from the victorious person, but also learn the beauty of self-acceptance.

  1. A tough question… I don’t like playing these games because I don’t like to lose… But with kids, it takes some effort and compassion to get them to understand that losing is part of life… 🙂

  2. We love UNO, too! My son & I often keep a “game” going until one of us reaches 500, 1,000 or 5,000 points. That way you can play multiple times and the odds are, even if one person is on a winning or losing streak, the other person is bound to win some hands. Just keep a running score. You can play every day, buidling on your previous day’s scores. Teaching kids to be a good loser is just another task of parenting. Be patient. She’ll come around.

  3. Once my children were old enough to play games other than CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders I explained that I would never let them win because I want them to know that when they win the game it is because they actually defeated me. I’ve broken this rule a couple times, but never for games like Chess or Othello that require real strategy. I’m pretty sure my daughter Sarah is close to beating me at Chess. I think she is a better player than I am, but she still makes mistakes due to her inexperience.

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