Second Living Room


Japanese people have put a long canopy on the south side of our residences for hundreds of years because there is a strong sunshine from the south during the summer season.
Since last week, the sun has become stronger gradually.
During the summer I put up the sunshades to offer protection from the sun.
There are some kinds of sunshades made of bamboo, cotton and polyethylene.
I chose the polyethylene type because of the design and abilty to block wind and rain.
This sunshede cools the room inside and reduces the energy used by AC a little.

●Playing on the deck

We can use this deck for playing, a pool for children, making something and eating lunch or dinner.
That is to say this is a second living room.
My daughters enjoy playing on this deck more than their parents.
We can relax in a shaded area easily because this deck connects with our living room inside.

By the way I made this bench by myself. I think it turned out well considering that I’m a beginner.

●The meaning of this deck

This small space may be a luxury for people living around Tokyo.
The reason is that the cost of the land is very expensive.
However, I think that every house has to have a space like this.
This space forms a gentle barrier between the inside (private zone) and outside (public zone).
We feel it as an extension of the living room.
This space protects us from outside eyes and invaders.

However, the foremost function is that these green spaces together will make a beautiful city scape.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

32 thoughts on “Second Living Room”

  1. I think it is so nice to have a deck like that and spend quiet afternoons there with the family, and enjoying the breeze. 🙂

  2. the bench looks very well made and the space is very peaceful. I am guessing it is less peaceful when the children are playing there, but that is good too.

  3. This small space may be a luxury…
    if your island would be bigger (like Australia)
    maybe kangaroos would disturb your privacy …

  4. what a great space! we have a screened in porch that is something like this for us. it doesn’t help too much when it gets to be 100 degrees here, but it is a nice shady place and the kids like it!

  5. 私はすだれのほうが好きです。


    1. そうなんです。私もすだれにしようか、店で迷ったのですが、3mもあるすだれがかなり重くて車に入らなかったので、やめました、近所の家は、すだれも多いです。

  6. 今の季節、涼しい風が通り明るい日差しが楽しめる半戸外は気持ちの良い贅沢なスペースですね。その上、居間に居ながらお子さんの安全も確認できるので、安心ですね。cocomino さん手作りの立派な椅子におもちゃを並べて、いろんな遊びをされている様子が目に浮かびます。

    1. そうなんです。真夏になると暑すぎるし、冬は、寒すぎ、春は、花粉症なので、今の時期と秋あたりが屋外にいたいと思う時期かなと思います。

  7. Wow, i like the woods and browns used in the design, and very nice bench! ..I wouldn’t mind having a sunshade over our windows as well.. except that it would block the wind and be unbearably hot 🙂

  8. I love being able to wander inside and outside all day in the summer. Your deck looks like a very nice place to relax when it’s warm out.

  9. What a delightful space! And your bench looks great! I need a table for my front porch–interested in helping? LOL!

  10. Wood deck is a lovely extension of the living room. I know how nice it is because I have one. It has a translucent roof which cuts uv ray some percent and awning is attached to it. Lattice is attached on south and west for display of plants and as blindfold from neighbors. In summer, we eat dinner outside on the deck and when it rains we eat lunch, too. It’s nice to enjoy meals listening to the chirping of insects or the sound of pattering rain and most importantly to save power. I’m happy to imagine you have the same kind of pleasant time.

    You are a great designer. Both deck and chair are wonderful.

    1. How nice that you also enjoy garden.
      I also made this deck halfway but it was wonky. So my gardener helped us.

      I can learn some English phrase related garden. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for sharing your outdoor space. A couple of years ago we added a small deck to our back yard area and opened up the room that connects to the deck with French doors. It is one of our favorite places now and like you, we use it for eating, relaxing, reading, etc. I like it for yoga as well!

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