Walking in Kawagoe City Part 1 ”Architecture”

During the Golden Week, tons of people go to various tourist spots.
The road is so congested that we can’t go to far place easily.
So I went to a near tourist spot, Kawagoe City, with my family yesterday.

Of course many people also went to this city to do sightseeing.

I walked around and observed the various styles of traditional architectures again.

This is handmade soba noodles shop.
This architecture, which is registered as a tangible cultural asset, was built in 1930.
Western design old architectures is rare in Kawagoe City.
Even now this shop is popular as you can eat delicious soba noodle.

This is an eel(unagi) shop.
You can find various eel shops in this city and some shops have been opened since 1800.
I love eel set menu but I can’t eat it often because it’s expensive.

This is Kashiya(snack) street. Kasi means snack.
In the past craftsman had made traditional candy in this street.
You can buy various nostalgic snacks, such as candy, rice crackers and dried potatoes.
I guess that this street is the most crowded because of its narrow alley(roji).
People seem to be attracted by this crowded place.

This black building is used as post office.
This black color is like an “Kura” which is a storehouses made of roof tile and clay.

If you’ll build a building in this district, you need to think about the building design
to match the city scape.

It’s interesting that everyone uses an old architectures to repair or reuse for their own purposes.
Or they seem to talk about other architects.

It’s a good vision they have in common that they should preserve this townscape better.
These mindest gives this city the power to compete with other tourist spot.
This city can improve more due to a lot of people visiting there.
This tourist traffic is supported by citizens, merchants and public officers.

I’ll write about Kawagoe food next post. See you next post.

Kawagoe City 01
Kawagoe City 02

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing. http://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/index.html

19 thoughts on “Walking in Kawagoe City Part 1 ”Architecture””

  1. The whole place and setting seems a bit otherworldly to me, mostly because I haven’t been there, but the even though the place is crawling with tourists the structures stand out. That is probably why they are such a popular destination. Your pictures are very well described, thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought. There aren’t tall buildings in this district.So these structures are human scale.That is why people fit in this city scape, I think.

    1. By chance we went the same place although I didn’t eat unagi this day.
      Your post is great.You seemed to walk a long distance around Kawagoe.
      It is convenient to visit Kawagoe because it is near to Tokyo as you say.

  2. そば屋さん、すてきな洋館ですね!

    1. このそば屋から銀行は思いつかなかったです。:smile:

  3. Looks both modern and historic… I liked the accompanying story and the post office building caught my attention… All I need is some Kasi and all will be well with me. 🙂

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