Boxer Plans Architectures.

This photo is from Wikipedia commons

The other day I read a Voa article in my online-English lesson which was about the six most famous architects in the world .

One of them is Tadao Ando.
The character of his work is simple and striking concrete.
He controls the light and matches his architecture around nature.

He focuses on detailed drawings and thinks about the dialogue between human beings and architectures.
Examples of his work are all over the world.

However, I’m drawn to his background rather than his work.

When he was young, he was a pro boxer!
After that he studied architecture by himself without entering an architecture university.
He roamed across the world to see and study many styles of architecture.
Ironically, he has become a professor at Tokyo University which is the most prestigious academic school in Japan since ten years ago.
He is a maverick figure.

I hope my daughters will not go through a stereotypical life.
If possible, I hope they will be active on the front lines in the world no matter what they become.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

16 thoughts on “Boxer Plans Architectures.”

  1. I love great architecture too…
    Your prayer is my prayer for my children too; that they find meaning in life and great mentors to help them accomplish their dreams. 🙂

  2. I hope my son too will not live a stereotypical life. I’d love for him to experience live the fullest and not conform to the norm just to please society.

  3. 建築学は大学でとても人気のある学科です。多くの学生が熱心に授業に臨んでいる姿を度々見かけます。そのような優秀な学生の中から、社会に出て希望の職種に就くことが困難な現在、学んだ事と仕事を自分なりに結びつけ、納得のいく結論を出す必要性があるようです。そんな中で、建築学界の女性は収入よりも希望の場所に居ることを優先して精神的にバランスの取れた生活をされておられる方を多くみかけます。賢明な選択だと私は思います。

    1. そうですね。最近、女性で建築を仕事にする方の割合がだいぶ増えてきました。

  4. 安藤忠雄のこと、耳にしたことがありますよ。
    安藤忠雄によって設計されたPiccadilly Gardensに行ったこともあります。^^

    1. Piccadilly Gardensは、知りませんでした。よさそうなところですね。

  5. I found I missed this post while exploring. Tadao Ando is my favorite architect, not only his architectures but also, like you think, his learning style and attitude toward life. The photo from Wikimedia is flower boxes on 100 steps at Awaji Yumetutai which I once introduced on my blog. The readers of this blog has come to know about Ando, thank you for this.

  6. Tadao Ando is the man that showed me that buildings made of concrete could be beautiful.
    If you like him, no excuse to not go to Naoshima when you get the chance then. 😉

    1. If I’m a bachelordom, I had visited all of these places yet. My children and my wife? don’t like them yet.
      However, if I have a chance, I’ll go to Naoshima.

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