Asbestos And Nuclear Energy

We need to take care not only to avoid radioactivity but also asbestos in the disaster area.

“”Asbestos, Japan tsunami’s other hidden danger””

Asbestos was a very useful material for architecture because it was light, hard and cheap.
It had been said that it was miracle mineral when it was imported into Japan forty years ago.

However, we found that the material was harmful to lungs.
If you are exposed to its dust, you may suffer from lung cancer thirty years later.
So it is called the “silent bomb”.

Now asbestos is completely prohibited from use.

A lot of asbestos dust is currently floating in the disaster area.
People clearing broken debris must wear a mask.

The history of using asbestos and its repercussion is similar to that of using nuclear energy.

At first, nuclear energy was said to be really clean and cheap.
The workers whose jobs are related to nuclear energy and people living near the nuclear power plants were taught to trust that nuclear power plant were absolutely safe.

However, once the disaster happened, the effected area was vast and the economic loss was great.

Regardless of the disaster, we are depending on nuclear energy even now.
I wonder why there isnt a movement set up to try and stop nuclear energy use in Japan?
Or if there is a demonstration against nuclear power but the movement hasn’t spreaded widely.

It is quite strange.
I don’t know whether this problem is about politics, energy, economiy sentiment.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

16 thoughts on “Asbestos And Nuclear Energy”

      1. What is important now is that we rectify the bad. We learn everyday. What we think is good today may not be thought so in future.

      2. I see. I wanted to say that we didn’t watch the bad things carefully.
        Of course what we learn various things including good and bad is really valuable.
        We often say “Failure is the mother of success.”

  1. I worked with dusty materials. Even mask doesn’t help. My lungs was full with dust which later came out from nostrils in incredible amounts.

    In future situation on the Earth will be beyond our wild imagination: what now is happening in Japan and other places is nothing in comparison with that…

    1. That’s too bad.You had better notice your health .
      I don’t know what I should say, but take care of yourself.

      As you say, there are some places which are dusty or other bad things.

  2. asbestos was in the trash of the destroyed twin towers in manhattan too.
    asbestos in germany is forbidden now too – too late for some of us …

      1. Oh, I planned and checked a construction for a short time.
        Recently protecting system from asbestos is very strictly.
        So I wasn’t affected.

  3. Who could have predicted an earthquake and tsunami? Today, nuclear power plants must be built to withstand whatever horrors nature or man can throw at them. I believe the world has the knowledge to provide clean, safe power–we just must be willing to spend the money to do it right.

    1. Nuclear power plants weren’t planned against tsunami.
      We leaned a lot of things from this disaster.
      As you say, I believe that the improved technology will help us in the future.

  4. Good Lord! Where is the asbestos coming from? What a terrible tragedy as that stuff is dangerous… Where is this information doming from and how are you coping? I know I’m asking all these questions but things sound pretty bad….
    Be strong!

    1. We had exported asbestos from Canada, South Africa and Russia.
      We have to provide maximal effort to avoid breathing asbestos.

      At first volunteer working in Tohoku area didn’t seem to know this information.
      People around me working as an architect was brought up this problem.

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