Let’s go to Japan

Kawagoe festival

Today I will write about the present circumstances around the Tokyo.

1 Radiation
・The data of Tokyo by Tokyo Metro Government

・The data of Japan by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

I think that this amount of radiation causes no harm. Right?

2 Food
Cup noodles and rice had been sold out for several days.
However, we can buy almost all kinds of food now. I don’t worry about food.
We can’t buy a few kind of vegetable but this is small problem.

3 Water
Every day each water supply corporation measures the radiation level and the result is put on each city government website.
In recent days radioactive iodine hasn’t been undetected.
Perhaps the maximum amount of radioactive iodine in Tokyo is about 200 Bq only for one or two days.
However, most mineral water are sold out despite the fact that water is safe.
I drink both tap water and mineral water just in case.
I don’t mind even if the mineral water is short.

4 Electric outrage
Every day rolling blackouts are planned by TEPCO.
However, an electric outrage happened only an hour or two hours per week.

5 Train and bus
The frequency of some trains are reduced by about 15 percent, but we can ride most of the train and bus.

6 Shop
Shop hour reduced at most of the departments and stores. However, we don’t have a big trouble.

7 Museum and Zoo
Most of the museums and zoos are opened or will be opened soon. For example famous Ueno zoo and Tokyo Disny Land will be opened since in early April.

8 Gasoline
We have been able to buy gasoline easily at some gasoline stations since a week ago.

9 People’s mind
I read the news that some people living around the Tokyo suffered PTSD because of the tragic news. However, most of the people are living as usual.

Certainly the devastated area were badly affected,but totally we living in Japan can live as usual.
Now we should become cheerful to help other people.

The one of the problems is that many people from other countries didn’t come to Japan. There are many harmful rumors and misinformation.
We need to receive many visitors to liven up Japan.

If you’ll come to Japan, I will guide you around Tokyo and Kawagoe town although I can’t speak English fluently.

I like this post written by David.
“Should I cancel my trip to Japan?”

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing. http://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/index.html

26 thoughts on “Let’s go to Japan”

  1. Great post. I updated my post from yesterday and linked to this one. It’s good to have accurate information. You’re right: too many rumors and misinformation.

  2. Thanks a lot for the shout out. 🙂
    And thanks for your post too, it should help giving perspective on things to a few people.

  3. I’d visit Japan in a heartbeat if I can. Sadly, the funds are still on the low side now. 😦

    And I do hope I’d be able to meet you one day! 🙂

    David’s article is good and I agree with his sentiment.

  4. Okay…. I am glad you answered my previous question here. Yes, there are lots of rumors and fear people have. I believe it is shifting in a positive way… Tourism will return once the go sign is up. Excellent cocomino! 🙂

    1. Eliz,
      The Go sign has never been down, that’s the thing.
      Maybe starting with not listening to rumors will be good .

      1. I think that the difficult days for trip to Japan were practically only two or three days. (A week tops.)
        Preconceived ideas prevent the trip regardless of the good (or bad) situation.

        Anyway thank you for your comment.
        I could know various sentiment.

  5. I think your English is amazing, but not as amazing as your attitude. You use the word ‘usual’ a couple of times. Obviously your ususal life is now different but you are a wonderful teacher of how to succeed with a new usual lifestyle.

      1. Cocomino, you’re talking about Sarkozy here. Everything he touches, he breaks, you don’t want him to help your country. No, the truth is that he went to your country, made Japanese public funds to be spent, used Kan’s precious time only for a PR stunt to try to be not as unpopular in France and trying to gain some credibility in the international level.
        He’s an embarrassment on every possible level…
        (sorry, I shouldn’t be talking politics, but people out of Europe don’t always realize what he’s all about)

      2. Oh I didn’t know his credit. Thank you for sharing.
        I also don’t talk about politics too much.
        What I say here is social etiquette.
        If politicians are faithless, we will be able to detect their real thought. 🙂

  6. Hi, the more I read you the more I like it. And it’s good to have news from Japan; sad, happy, bad, good, they are all welcome with your special way of telling them. Yes this is what I think: people should not cancel their trip and go to Japan, and if they are afraid at least they can go to Nara, Kyoto etc. And I support here the japanese shops and restaurants in paris (I mean the real japanese ones) by going more regularly because all of them have a sign on their windows, I know that they donate part of their money to the people in japan (and it’s good for your health 😉

    1. Hi Marie-Christine
      That’s very kind of you.Many people helped us.
      We are sure that we will help other countries which need assistance. 🙂

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