Chance for parents

After the earthquake, some activities carried by the children in my neighborhood has changed.

・Children wear masks and can’t play outdoor because of the radiation. 
( I wonder if this ristriction is really needed. )
・Schools haven’t been providing lunch since the other day.
・Children’s snack has decreased. 
・Children have to come back home in a group. 
・Class trip got cancelled.
 ・Most zoos and amusement parks are out of service.
 ・Children can’t warch any animated TV programs because of the news broadcast.

Poor children! 😥

I think this is a very good eye opener to rethink about how parents should face their children. 
So far some parents let their children watch TV, play games and play in the amusement park.
 I wonder if they observe their children.

In our house my eldest daughter and my youngest daughter often fight each other. 
We, as parents, tend to scold our eldest daughter because she is four years older than her sister.
On the other hand we sometimes notice our youngest daughter breaking her sister’s toy. 
We can’t notice it if we are not closely connected with each other. 
Therefore we parents should look into our children’s heart instead of watching the news.

Last week (before the earthquake) my family’s interest was “Yomogi” (Mugwort). 
“Yomogi” is a herbaceous perennial of chrysanthemum.

My eldest daughter’s homework was to gather “Yomogi”.
I thought they were just a weed by the roadside and was worried about eating them.
However,  my children were searching for it like finding for treasures.
We know that when my daughters are gathering “Yomogi”, they would never fight each other.
After gathering it, my wife boiled it for storage. 
My daughter cooked it to make dumplings in her school. 
She told us about cooking the dumplings delightedly. 🙂

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

14 thoughts on “Chance for parents”

  1. I haven’t had a chance to log onto my computer lately to comment on your blog. But, I read what you have written every day on my cellphone. I am very happy that your family is safe after the earthquake.

    Your posts remind us all of what is important in life. Watching and understanding your children is important. Do you actually eat the Yomogi or is it something pretty to look at?

    I hope that the radiation from the nuclear plants does not cause problems for your family. People all over the United States are very worried for the people in Japan.


    1. Hello Sondra
      It has been a while. Thank you for reading every day.I’m happy.

      Yes, we ate the Yomogi.
      My daughter mixed rice flour with Yomogi thoroughly and boiled them.
      She rounded them with bean jam.
      That’s all. 🙂

  2. I think a positive thing one can view from this – a chance for family to rally together instead of each doing their own thing, realising how precious life is.

    I wonder how yomogi dumpling taste like? 😉

  3. I love these posts because they give us insights into what families are doing to cope everyday. You share it so beautifully. You also remind us of what we take for granted and what is truly important. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Sending virtual hugs to your family. 🙂
    Thank you,

    1. 🙂
      You are welcome. I’m writing about only my diary.
      If I care about someone’s eyes when I write, I will not be able to write any words.

      Anyway that’s encouraging to hear.

  4. When our children were little we decided not to have cable TV. We did have a television set where we watched films on DVDs but that was it. I am sure many people thought we were crazy but it was wonderful, we talked a lot as a family, and we still do. The children had to figure a way not to be bored without it, so they loved helping in the garden, etc… and they became great readers!!! Sometimes, I think what we think is important for our children it is not so, sometimes all it matters is a loving home.

  5. As you chronicle the simple, or complicated things experienced in your daily life – your wisdom comes through each, and every time. BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you again. I like simple life.
      Now ” the simple life” is needed very much.
      We don’t need the things and the energy more than necessities.

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