What we used to take for granted

We used to take for granted we would always have access to power.
Yesterday what we took for granted disappeared completely.
Only three hours of electric outage confused us.
We understood the living with no lights for the first time although we knew about the countries which often have electric outage.
We were worried about our way of living before the electric outage.
However, I think we will be accustomed to new way of living soon.
In addition we had better enjoy this way of living.

In our house our daughters were singing the songs and telling their stories in the dark although they were scared that our house was haunted by ghosts
We were talking to each other more than before.
We had nothing to do after the talking.
We got into bed at 20:00!
So I got out of bed at 3:00.
I felt able to get the most out of the day.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing. http://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/index.html

32 thoughts on “What we used to take for granted”

  1. Thank you for the comment when you are going through difficulties, anxities, and inconvenience.

    As to conservation of electricity in my area, it turned out that Kanden does not appeal special conservation to Kansai people because there is limit in transformation of frequency. Still, I’ll continue saving not only on electric power but on anything in consideration for the affected people. On a positive note, now would be a good chance to rethink about lifestyle like at your home.

  2. I suddenly remembered this is exactly how we dealt with our power outages back in the late 80s up to mid 90s in the Philippines. We would also attempt to make animal shadows using our hands.
    My thoughts are with your in these difficult times. Stay strong.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and telling your story.
      I heard power outages from grandfather. I can’t believe this power outages.
      Thank you for the encouragement again.

  3. Hi Cocomino, I’ve experienced several blackouts in my life, and just like you did, we went to bed early. It’s nice that you spent more time talking and singing with your daughters, that’s always fun. 🙂

  4. I remember having black outs when I was small. My mom would let us put a candle in every room. I felt like we were chasing the darkness out.

  5. Will the give you a few hours a day or this a gradual to complete loss of electricity? I admire your positive approach to things… Thinking of you and your family!

  6. Dear Cocomino

    I enjoy reading your posts always and this one especially. It is during our difficult times we realise how precious things are and we can only thank the Almighty for that. When we have anything in abundance, we always take those for granted. It is interesting when you say that under such conditions, you find lot more time to do things together as a family. Good to see the positive approach and having fun and enjoying simple pleasures (like the glass bead for your wife!). I have a lot to learn from you and your family, Cocomino. It is so good to know that all of you are keeping well. Stay safe and cheerful. Take care.

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