The season of the pollen allergy has arrived again.

The season of the pollen allergy has arrived again.
My eyes and nose are also very itchy.
The allergy is caused mainly by cedar pollen.

It is said that more than thirty percent of people are suffering from allergies in Japan.
This season will continue untill the first week of May.
So many people are wearing masks to avoid breathing in the cedar pollen that will continue for the next three months.

Many people wearing masks in trains, office, streets and other various places is a strange sight to see.

The allelgy is said to be man-made because the pines were planted by humans.
Man started planting pines utilizing the wood for building houses since more than thirty years ago
But now the forestry people don’t cut them because of the decreasing pine value.
The mountain of pine is wasted now.
The government is gradually exchanging the old pines with pines that discharge less pollen.
But these efforts haven’t been much enough yet.

Anyway I can’t hang out our cloths and beddings (futon) till May.
I heard that Hokkaido and Okinawa were free from cedar pollen.
I wish I could go there for three months. 😥

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

9 thoughts on “The season of the pollen allergy has arrived again.”

  1. In my mind summer(not spring) is associated with hot whether and poplar’s fuzz. Poplar(maybe more correctly cottonwood) blooms in July and brings inconvenience even to nonallergic people. In that time poplar’s fuzz is verywhere: on streets, in houses, in mouth and nostrils… There are three big poplar trees near apartment house where I live. But the trees along the road are cut down at the height about 3 meters to avoid blooming.

    1. I had never known poplar’s fuzz.
      Poplar’s fuzz also seems hard.
      Cutting down them is good idea but may be poor for the trees.
      I hope good trees for humans will be planted in your neighborhood.

  2. So sorry you are suffering! Our big pollen season will be arriving soon in the Southeastern US. When the trees begin to bud and leaf there will be a coating of light green pollen all over my porch and on the cars. Thankfully no one in my family is allergic. It’s just very messy.

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