Kusatsu01:Everyone likes a hot spa very much.

I went to a trip to the hot spa of Kusatu with my colleague until yesterday. Kusatu is major sight-seeing area in Kanto area which includes Tokyo and other parts of the east area.
Every tourist that goes there takes a visit to the hot spa. I rediscovered what everyone likes hot spa.

The trip schedule is bellow.

First day

・We rode the train for three hours and ate lunch on it.
・We visited some famous shrines.

・We visited the “Sainokawara hot spa” where we could take an open-air spa.It was 500 squeare meters.

"Sainokawara hot spa"
hot green water and smell sulfur

・We checked into our hotel which had both a hot spa indoor and an open-air spa.
・Some people used the hot spa before dinner.
・Some people used the hot spa before going to bed.

Second day
・Some people used the hot spa before breakfast.

We could use the hot spa up to four times in two days.
I wonder if their skin would turn wrinkly

After that we saw the “Yumomi” show near the “Yubatake”. The “Yumomi” is the traditional custom used to cool hot water before taking a hot spa.The temperature of hot spa is about 95 degrees. If cool water mixes in the hot spa, the good effect of hot spa disappears. Therefore, while singing an old song, they stirred hot water into the spa with a wooden spoon. Their gradual stirring was quite fast. Tourists could also experience the “Yumomi”.


“Yubatake” is the source of the hot spirings.

During the trip, we always smell sulfur of the hot spa.

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