Twitter for the elderly 02

The second half of the meeting was as follows.

1 A bamboo cup and bal convention

The professor held the world bamboo cup and ball convention.
(Actually, they were held only between Tokyo and Tokushima.)

First an elderly person who was in his house in Tokushima tried for the bamboo cup and ball for as many times as possible in a few minutes.
The audience in Tokyo cheered him through the iphone camera.
Next some challengers in Tokyo tried the bamboo cup and ball.The elderly in Tokushima saw this and tweeted messages in real time.

Through this way even if the elderly were living alone, they can enjoy such games and attend local community activities.

2 Weight scale which can tweet

Every morning, if every elderly were to weight themselves on the scale and tweet in the timeline, local doctors can make diagnosis easily.
And the local brand will be developed as a healthy city.
(But the professor said that some women don’t like to use this scale.)

Through the meeting, the two stories about this project impressed me.

1 To copy the project is easy but to put into practice is difficult.
The method to solve the problems is based on implicit knowledge.
2 The continuity of the project requires a circulation of money from within a local community.

I learned a lot.



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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

3 thoughts on “Twitter for the elderly 02”

  1. I visited your blog today as part of the RandomBlog2011 challenge. Your photography is beautiful. And I am quite impressed that you are blogging in your second language. I have a question about this post. Being an American I don’t know what the World Bamboo Cup and Ball Challenge is. Can you explain?

  2. Thank you! Now I understand. That was a pretty cool experiment–with the iphone and teaching the elderly to use today’s technology.

    We have a similar toy in America to your bamboo cup. It’s just not made of bamboo!
    I am going to enjoy learning more about your culture through your blog.

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