Twitter for the elderly 01

The other day I heard a very impressive practice about measures to deal with the ageing society from the university professor who majored in science and technology.
Recently there are many news about the elderly.Foe example the family with an elderly person who had already died long years ago have received his annual pension.It is said that “Extraneous society” is called “無縁社会” in Japan.

The proffesor suggested that twitter can help to connect the elderly and society.That is to say that everyone has to try not to leave the elderly alone.
For example when the elderly get up in the morning, they can tweet “Good morning” through their iphone and get support from the people’s responses.
Besides elderly people can tweet about health and living consultation.When there are no replies to the elderly, there will be supporting people who will call these elderly or visit them.

The profesor explained two ways to adopt the method.

1 The university students make the iphone application.
2 The committee that will be doing these project holds two courses, one for elderly people and another for the people supporting the elderly

I thought that the idea was simple but to put into practice was so difficult.

The profesor said that I wanted to restore a local community through the iphone.
The local community has a deep relationship with each other.

In the second half of this meeting, the interesting test was done.
I will write about it next post.


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