My English study

I have studied English from junior high school to high school for six years. The main reason that I studied English was for the purpose of taking the university entrance exam. So I learnt many difficult phrases and long sentences like what the other Japanese did.But I forgot almost all of them. Studying English in Japan is impractical.
Then I saw a need to study English again two months ago. I began to study English for the first time in fifteen years. My own program to studying English is as below.


I read the books written for children or English students. For example Penguin Readers or Roald Dahl’s books. But recentry I have been reading various blogs since I don’t have much time.


As you can see, I write a post on this blog everyday.And I use lang-8, a community which helps people to learn foreign languages from each other. If you were to kindly comment something, it would imply that you could understand my diary.


I am listening to three podcasts while riding on the train to work.
1 Voa : American national news for English students
2 English as a second language : I cas listen to various conversations. 
3 CNN student news : I can’t listen to even half of the content because it is spoken so fast.
But I can understand the contents through the video.


This is the most difficult part to learn. Because I have never talked with an English speaker and they don’t live around my house. But I will try the on-line English lessons the day after tomorrow. It takes 300 Japanese yen per 25 minutes which is one-tenth the cost to go to a normal commute English school. I am nervous in a sense but am looking forward to receiving the lessons. If I were able to speak English fluently, I wish to interact with many friends all over the world.

I have a dream.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

9 thoughts on “My English study”

    1. いたらうれしいですけど、私はまだ「hello」と「thank you」くらいしか話せません。なので、少し練習してからお願いするかもしれません。。

      1. 分かりました。いつでも、どうぞうご連絡下さいね。SKYPEで練習できると思うんでしょ。

  1. こんにちは。You wrote in your post: My own program to studying English is as below.
    It seems to me that “My own program of studying English is as below.” is more correct.

    As for speaking, don’t urge yourself: first you MUST get a lot of English input, in other words, let your brain to become acquainted with correct English. Subsequently you will reach a point where you will feel impulse to speak because you became confident of English. I did it myself and still do. I do the same with Japanese. And I reached that point in both languages.

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