My house 06 “Jyoutoushiki” A ceremony for the raising of a house’s framework

When the builder set up the framework of my house, my family held “Jyoutoushiki”
in my house which is under construction.

“Jyoutoushiki” is a ceremony for the raising of a house’s framework.
This ceremony is held less than ” Jichinsai”.
But we held this ceremony to pray to the God of architecture and craftsmen.

First we placed rice and sake in the four corners of the house.
And talismans are placed on the ridge pole.
In some areas they throw money and give rice cakes in their neighborhood.

Then we invited all craftsmen,
architect and my mother for dinner.
They celebrated together and gave us a bottle of sake.

And we served sushi wrapped in fried tofu, cooked dishes,
miso soup with pork and vegetables and a barrel of beer.
We gave handsel to each participant.

In the final stage one craftsman sang a traditional “Kiyari ” that we have never heard.
Kiyari is a kind of Japanese folk song that craftsmen sing when they bring wood.
These kinds of historical customs are disappearing gradually.
So I want to write it down as much as possible.

This video isn’t of my house but it shows the kiyari.

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I live in Kawagoe-city Saitama-prefecture Japan. There are many traditional warehouses in Kawagoe. So many Japanese and the people from overseas come to sightseeing.

10 thoughts on “My house 06 “Jyoutoushiki” A ceremony for the raising of a house’s framework”

  1. 五木寛之はこう言っていました。

    1. 味わいありますよ。後で書く予定ですが、建物だけでなく家具や生活雑貨など木だと落ち着きます。

  2. Truly a great custom! I agree that it’s sad that a lot of old customs seem to be fading away, hopefully many of them will continue as it would be a shame to loose them. BTW, I love how your house looks!

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